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Park Place Nashville (2nd & Peabody), 36 story/433' and 32 story/375' residential towers; 18 story/234' hotel


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36 minutes ago, smeagolsfree said:

Thats the only saving grace about having a hilly downtown when you have a very tall building that may go on an elevated site. It will make it look that much taller, but it still does not make up for the beast of a building that we still need in our downtown that needs to be over 750'.

That's what I’ve loved about LA’s skyline when US Bank was the tallest.  It kinds stuck out above the rest and gave the city’s downtown a focal point.  Of course, they now have the Wilshire Grand, which gives it an even cooler look.

We need our own “US Bank” building that sticks out above the rest and encourages other developers to think a little taller.

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This question may not be the proper place but Batman's been talked about here.  Anyone know if it's true when the Batman building was planned South Central Bell or Bell South (which ever name they went by at the time) planned on the tower's height to be 615' in honor of the 615 area code but the finished product turned out 2' taller?

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27 minutes ago, Binbin98 said:

Probably yet another luxury hotel brand, the only ones not in Nashville yet Or planning something here to my knowledge are St. Regis, Waldorf Astoria or Intercontinental. Nashville is vying with Atlanta and Miami for the most luxury hotels of any city in the South.

Intercontinental seems the most likely at first glance, just because we know from the past that they want to be here.

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3 hours ago, PHofKS said:

^^^^^Gresham and Smith are the architects for both projects, so maybe there is some inside information about the Nashville Yards building there. 

Or maybe the tall building at Nashville yards is one of the Giarratana towers?

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