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  1. The Neo (4 stories, 23 units) update. Looking SE from Hermitage Ave., 1/4 block east of Fairfield Ave: Looking SW from Hermitage Ave., 1/3 block west of Decatur St:
  2. Nashville ranked 2nd Most Walkable City For Tourists in U.S. according to Preply website: https://www.wkrn.com/news/local-news/nashville/nashville-ranks-among-one-of-the-best-walkable-cities-for-tourists-study/
  3. Core drilling on site. Looking SW from 3rd Ave. South, 1/3 block south of Molloy St: Looking west from 3rd Ave. South, 1/2 block north of KVB:
  4. Looking north from intersection of 2nd Ave. North and Church St:
  5. Bottled Blond (6 story entertainment bar) update: topped out. Looking SW from Broadway, just west of 2nd Ave: Looking SE from Broadway, 1/2 block east of 3rd Ave:
  6. Odie's Bar at 1919 Division St. is underway. Looking SE from Division St., 1/3 block west of Lyle Ave:
  7. Up to 5th level of YMCA addition. Looking NE from intersection of Church Street Viaduct and Upper 10th Ave. North (Platform Way): Looking NE from Church Street Viaduct, 1/4 block west of YMCA Way: Looking NW from intersection of Church St. and YMCA Way:
  8. 921 Main St. covers 9,900 sq. ft. on its single floor and was built in 1965. Not sure what is going on, but work is underway for something. Looking east from intersection of Main St. and Mcferrin Ave: Looking NW from Main St., 1/4 block east of Mcferrin Ave:
  9. Envision Cayce's 5th & Summer Place (6 stories, 107 units) update: up to 3rd level on south end. Looking NE from South 6th St.1/2 block north of Crutcher St: Looking SE from intersection of South 6th St. and Summer Place:
  10. Berkeley, California's, renders for 2776 Shattuck Ave. 15 story addition at 199' on top of existing 1906-era 3 story structure, with 84 new units, 7,650 sq. ft. of retail (courtesy of YIMBY San Fran):
  11. Not far-fetched in the least. If the stadium is open by the fall of 2027, any hotelier not being ready until early 2029 is going to miss out on massive paydays from a two full NFL seasons, WrestleMania, and numerous other big ticket concerts, etc. that will happen in those initial 16 months. But if this is the timetable they are choosing, there's not much that can be done about it.
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