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  1. That's Peabody Plaza at Peabody Union, which is adjacent to the KVB bridge. Hopefully it won't take long for the two multi-tower projects planned just to the west of that building to get underway. That will fill in the gap there with 6 buildings from 18-38 stories. And we're told Tishman Speyer is planning a 2-tower hotel (40+ story) in an adjacent block fronting KVB. So we hope it will fill in sooner than later. A lawsuit filed by some residents in an adjacent condo building has been dismissed recently at the highest level. Saw your pics from Green Hills.... Bless your heart for going into the ugliest and most "cluster-effed" upscale shopping center in the whole country.
  2. Sorry, but that just tells me that any city "outside" of NYC, Chicago, SF, Boston, Philly and maybe a couple of others, that "walkable" is highly subjective.
  3. Downtown 1956, courtesy of Nashville Public Library FB page (via Linda J. Bordenave). I'm struck by what is (already at that point) the abundance of parking lots.
  4. I think that (smaller) building will look very nice there separated from the other monoliths along that stretch of Division. Plus, I like the slope of the street and what appears to be retail/restaurant at the corner. Not another apartment building with porte cochere or enclosed lobby.
  5. For anyone who can't get past paywall... The first tower will rise 29 stories and offer 458 units including studio, one-, two- and three-bedrooms. The ground level will feature 4,000 square feet of restaurant and brewery space.
  6. And one more pic from Fox 17 webcams today. Posting this because it's a wide shot they don't usually have.
  7. I wish this pic was in better focus. Also, I did bit of quick research with the EB news today and found something of an answer to my earlier question about the street layouts. It appears they're going with the spine East Bank Blvd. with the secondary street running alongside the new stadium and a park where the current stadium stnads. That park appears to include a land bridge over the new EB Blvd. Apparently, there's another map accompanying this article. Here's the pic from the NP piece. https://www.nashvillepost.com/politics/metro/east-bank-legislation-lands-final-approval-in-metro-council/article_018e9f4c-fcba-11ee-a542-8b3ad5c3d9e7.html
  8. That's huge. Can't get past paywall. Are houses planned? How many? And what is the significance of Fontanel Mansion?
  9. Anyone here know the final site plan that's been approved? Seems like they're still throwing out so many different plans, even when it's been decided to build the new stadium. Is this the one they're planning? Hence the need to "drop" JRP to a lower level for intersecting with East Bank Blvd.?
  10. Calling BS on those figures. No way Vandy ONLY has 745 graduate students. And they don't have more than 8,000 ug students. Would have been one of the easiest schools to check for the NBJ, but I guess that was too much work.
  11. Last I checked the mean income for Nashville is a lot more than Charlotte too... but that may have changed. I think it's around 70k vs 58k. I don't pay too much attention to that but it is an obvious factor in rent/home prices.
  12. That's very positive for the prospects for this one and that stretch of SoBro. So I'm curious is anyone here has updates for three others close to this one. I'm asking b/c a few months ago the following seemed to be rolling forward: 4th and Elm 531 Lafayette Vela Pietown
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