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  1. Was reading through old strings and saw this one. Seems like it was moving and then poof. Whatever happened to it? Was a really cool aesthetic. I agree with the many voices that said this part of town needs an infusion of new "talent."
  2. Was hopeful that this one, Vela, Element, and Trio would come through and completely transform that area. There's one other I can't think of right now. It is proposed for Lafayette at Ewing.
  3. Perhaps I need a human body in the picture for more accurate scale. As is, seems pretty narrow.
  4. Excerpt from NP article today. Anyone with insight? Wondering what to read into this. In other business, the design review committee did not vote on the concept plan for a St. Regis hotel and residential tower project planned for downtown Nashville. Instead, the committee gathered information about the project from the development company, Miami-area-based Turnberry, seeking the project. MDHA committee OKs plan for Gulch hotel project | Development | nashvillepost.com
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