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  1. Nice one, thank you for this info! Yes, I miss living downtown TERRIBLY. I was in the Bennie Dillon from 2012 to 2015 and had to sell, move out of Nashville, etc. It was bad times, but I'm now in position to start making real plans to get back downtown in the next three or so years. I CAN NOT WAIT.
  2. Am I banned from the main Nashville forum? This one: https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/forum/250-nashville/ I'm able to browse that forum no problem when I'm not logged in, but when I'm logged in, I get a 500 error, "this page isn't working". When I log out, no problem. As as is obvious, I'm able to post in this subforum of Nashville. This has happened once before and it eventually worked itself out, but after a few months, still no dice. Help? Also, I'm able to browse every other city on the site, too. Just not the one I live in, lol.
  3. Yep. Used to be Madison Square mall back in the day.
  4. Arnold's last week will be next week
  5. I lived in the Bennie Dillon for a few years before having to move away from Nashville, and will be moving back to Church Street as soon as I can. Church is a fantastic street to live on. It seemed to me the homeless folks didn't bother people that lived in the neighborhood, and I walked up and down the street a lot.
  6. Pretty much! If I want to be super pendantic, I think it was KVB x 3rd.
  7. Popped up in my memories from ten years ago today, taken as I was walking to Crema.
  8. City Lights is a collaboration between Crema and Bearded Iris Brewing in Germantown. I have to wonder if the name is a nod to Crema's neighbor, City Lights? I picked some up, lovely stuff.
  9. This one came up in my Facebook memories. As seen ten years ago today at the "golden hour".
  10. You definitely just did.
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