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  1. Meanwhile, across the street, per development tracker...
  2. A groundbreaking was held today to begin construction on a 4 story Hyatt Caption hotel in Chattanooga's trendy downtown 'Southside". There are Caption hotels under construction only in Memphis and Nashville and there is planned construction in various world cities. From the Chattanooga Times Free Press... My slide;
  3. An important proposal just west of downtown near the river has been revealed as a group of investors under the name of 'The Sports Car Garage Group' is seeking a rezoning of the former auto dealership property. According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, a $100 million, 10 story, 621 units with 907 parking spaces and probably 10,000 sf of commercial space, including a top floor restaurant, is proposed for the former Kelley Subaru tract at M. L. King Blvd with Riverfront Pkwy. My slide; A close up of the apartments from River Street Architects. I wonder how this will impact the proposed, huge development called 'The Bend' in this same district. Six hundred apartments hitting the marked soon could hurt what the Bend developers, Urban Story Ventures, wants to do.
  4. I had the great fortune of flying into SeaTac on my way to Alaska a few years ago and we dipped under the cloud cover, just slightly higher than Mount Ranier itself, with the setting sun bathing the mountain with a blood red color. It was incredible !!
  5. A little more information about the layout and design of the stadium as far as I can tell from the various images. It's a little confusing I know, but this picture of the right field stands shows some of the cutting-edge sports facility architecture. And something they call "The Shed" where there will apparently be live music. It has received all the necessary approvals from the City and County, so it should break ground soon. It will be one of the best, if not the best, baseball stadiums in the country. And this is what you will see when you come into the city on I-24 from Nashville. I will certainly have season tickets here.
  6. Actually, I am going to miss the Taco Bell because their food tasted better than what the hospital had in the cafeteria.
  7. A 17-story hotel near the proposed Oracle location per the development tracker. The rendering is from the developer's website. My card.
  8. When the request for Planning Commission approval of a 'Pinnacle" sign first came out a few months ago and was added to the Nashville Development Tracker, I copied a page showing a different view of the proposed residential tower I had not seen before. As you can see on the card I made, it showed a differently oriented and much taller tower, over 600 ft by my estimation. That particular render has since been removed from the submittal. So, there's that! EDIT; Here's the uncropped picture.
  9. If the ballpark were located on the TSU property, there is a heavy rail short line (which used to go and is eventually planned to go to Ashland City) that could possibly be considered for use as transit as is the Music City Star (WeGo Star). There is no wye for a convenient turn to downtown but backing down to Charlotte Pike (with a station) would be convenient then proceed to downtown. The line is in the long range WeGo plans anyway. Maybe it's something that could be looked into. I don't know how many people per hour it would carry but get rid of the cattle car look that the MCS has.
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