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  1. There is more to the flood reduction plan that is not real public yet, but those concerns will be come to light I think soon. These have been discussed at the UP meetings by someone that is very much involved in the project and knows what is happening.
  2. Randy, I will bet there are a few chefs in Nashville that know exactly what you have and plan their menus on a daily basis according to what they have on hand. A number of the farm to table restaurants would jump at the chance to have some of those veggies I will bet. You cut some of these folks too short.
  3. Downtown is still not all that impressive and Huntsville as a whole is one giant suburb on par with Murfreesboro. Not trying to be too harsh here but I have been there, and the downtown area is OK but still nothing to write home about. It has a long way to go. Not much in the way of a pedestrian vibe either. I will be back down there Saturday.
  4. I think you can push the start date for any towers on the EB to 2025 Mark. Nothing according to the Fallon COS. will start this year.
  5. I think it is still open and never closed but I am unsure how many businesses are still in there. It needed to be rehabbed, but the way they did it, IMO was a little questionable. It is going to take a long time for them to recoup their money.
  6. I just stick to driving period to avoid the hassle of flying. The prices have gone out of site as well as the car rental prices, and I am good with driving to get to my destination. I do not do international travel, so screw they airlines as the nickel and dime you for everything. I am a fair-weather traveler so I do not have to worry about getting stuck in blizzards and if it is pouring, I will just stop and get a hotel if need be. That is the advantage of having a flex job or not really having to work at all. I watch my money and when I am ready for a trip I go. If I decide I want to go to California or the Pacific NW. I may just do it but right now my goal is to take two trip this year. One out west into the Utah area and the other probably to Milwaukee and Minneapolis. Not flying to either after looking at the prices and the time involved. Flying now is literally and figurately for the birds as the drama is too much for me.
  7. It is not as Rosey as it appears either. The one thing that is holding the Music City Stars group back is they want a minority owner. That is going to be harder to come by than most realize. They are now looking outside of Davidson County for a site as well, two that I know of. This article sort of puts things into perspective for their organization. They still have a great organization on paper but have been slowed by current events. There is a lot of money flowing in and through this city to say the least. Money that may not live here full time but lives here part time. Lots of Hollywood, Sports figures, and music personalities have second homes here. Music City Baseball's pursuit of MLB franchise in Nashville - Nashville Banner
  8. You had better get used to that as that is what TOD is all about. There will be more apartments, retail, and condos on those same corridors as the BRT lines are built. That is how it is supposed to work, the more you build the less people use their cars.
  9. Home sales starting to pick up again with median home prices at 504k. It does seem things are starting to heat back up here. As far as the residential market this is what is happening as far as high-rise projects. The below list was compiled by moderator Markhollin. We just wrapped-up the first quarter of 2024, and while things have been slower than in recent years, there has still been a fair amount of activity: Numerous projects in the 4 to 6 story range either topped, started, or about to start with many more approved or on the boards. Even with 30,000 units under construction or in the pipeline the overall vacancy rate is 7%. The Oracle Campus is still full steam ahead with Oracle making about 5,000 hires out of the I think 12,000 they are supposed to hire. It could be 8300. I can’t remember how many total. Amazon is still saying they are committed to more hires in Nashville as well as more data centers from other companies. The auto industry is full steam ahead with 1000’s of hires in the EV industry. I am on the fence there. the overall unemployment rate for the Metro is 2.2%. All I know is there are now hiring signs up everywhere. All of the colleges are doing major expansion projects. Metro is planning a vote on a BRT heavy transit plan and it is getting high marks so far. It will have about 30 miles of dedicated BRT lines coming into the downtown area. The airport is breaking records every month. The MLB group is very organized and will probably have heavy financing when and if a team is announced. They are very secretive as far as finances but not as far as organization and they do have heavy hitters involved already. Construction underway since turn of year: 1010 Church (60 stories) 1711 Broadway (21) Titans Domed Stadium (15) Motto Hotel (13) Construction to get underway this year: Autograph Hotel (35 stories) 901 MLK (33) Paseo South, Tower Two (31) Albion Music Row, Tower One (29) Sinclair (27) Mid City/1001 Broadway Tower One (26) 1401 Church, Tower One (26) Demonbreun Hill One (22) 611 Cowan Dual Brand Hotel (17) Hilton Tempo/Homewood Suites Cowan St. (17) 531 Lafayette (15) Element Hotel Lafayette (14) Holiday Inn Express/333 Union (10) Maybe underway this year: Fallon Hotel One, East Bank (40 stories) Park Place Tower One (32) Vela Pie Town (32) 125 11th B=North (30) Marriott Edition Hotel/condos (28) Voce Hotel/Condos (25) Fallon Hotel Two, East Bank (16) Pinnacle Hotel Cowan St. (15) Residence Inn, East Bank (15) 800 Main (10) Topped-Out so far in 2024: Pinnacle Tower (35 stories) AEG Residential One (35) AEG Residential Two (34) Peabody Union Tower (27) Hillsboro Town Centre (22 stories) 1805 Church (16) 5 City Place (15 stories) Vandy LINK Hospital (15 stories) Hyatt Caption Hotel (12) Ballpark Village (8) Modera SoBro, Phase One (7) Should Top-Out this year: Modera McGavock (29 stories) Society (16) Aspire Midtown (14) Nashville Yards AEG Office/Entertainment Building (13) Crestmoor (12) Tempo Hotel Midtown (12) Belmont Caldwell II Dorm (11) Elliston Place Holiday Inn (8) Downtown YMCA Addition (7) 900 Division (7)
  10. I think this is the key quote. IMO they are out of options. With the ruling, the case has achieved the stage of “final non-appealable judgment,” according to a legal source. As such, there are no further appeal opportunities. State law zoning/land use cases are not, as a practical matter, appealable to the U.S. Supreme Court, where appeals are “by permission,” and not as of right, the source added.
  11. This now means the site lender now can pursue the project if they want to. That is sort of what I have heard in the past but who knows if that will be the case. They will have to bring a new development partner on board as well as a bigger financial partner more than likely if they still want to pursue this project.
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