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  1. That portion of 8th Ave. South is an area I had always thought had strong potential for transforming into a legit walkable urban commercial corridor... kind of jarring to see it slowly going in the opposite direction.
  2. Phenomenal news, if true. Enough is enough already. I'm sure we all believe in a fair justice system, but at a certain point it just becomes an abuse of the system to continue mindlessly appealing out of spite and eventually the court is just going to have to put it's foot down.
  3. Hmm... with that name I wonder how many people they have wandering in there expecting to find a very... uh... different sort of business.
  4. Very solid! About time that corner of downtown got some love and TLC!
  5. Beautiful and sobering all at the same time... thank you for sharing your photos and your experience. I was in Bosnia in 2018 as well coincidentally, and wanted to make it to Sarajevo badly but could only manage to budget time to make it into Bosnia as far as Mostar because Croatia/Montenegro were really the primary focus of our trip, and so we flew into Zagreb and primarily stuck to the coast. One of these days I hope to make it to the interior of the Balkans!
  6. Right? This list makes no sense. I'm not sure I'd want my city to be a part of any list that The Villages is at the top of. I'm convinced that smaller cities sometimes will occasionally just pay one of these "think tanks" to conjure up some sort of random list that they know nobody will ever actually look into the criteria for, to put them at or near the top of above known 'hot market' commodities like Nashville and Austin, just for publicity sake. The one @tragenvol referenced above touting Wichita's supposed downtown vitality is another good example.
  7. They're operating the flight for two months out of the year? What's going on in those two months that's so significant I wonder?
  8. It's almost like some developers are allergic to making their building face the street. Those above seem to be situated every which way BUT towards the street. Bizarre!
  9. It really is... what a strange way to word that. It's almost like they have a different freelance author write every sentence.
  10. Don't worry, they'll come through with a plan to update the interstate in Clarksville to meet 2024 demand... in 2064.
  11. Speaking of Clarksville, I randomly heard that in a few weeks it will be featured on an episode of a new Food Network show called Best Bite in Town. Not really sure what the premise of the show is, but the entire episode will take place in Clarksville and feature various local Clarksville food & drink establishments. Glad to see it getting some attention!
  12. When they say: "Air Canada resumes three-times weekly service to Montreal and Quebec." Are they referring to Montreal and Quebec City? Or does this author just have a peculiar writing style? lol
  13. To be fair, I don't necessarily blame him for being skeptical given Nashville's history with getting towers of this height out of the ground, and also just given the overall somewhat shaky office market, which could conceivably have a negative impact on residential tower projects like this. What threw me a bit though was when he proclaimed that anyone who didn't share his skepticism were "grasping at straws," and the like... I mean they only just finished digging the hole within the past few months didn't they? It's not like we're looking at some sort of West End Summit situation. But anyway, I'm just happy to see this rolling along to the next stage.
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