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MARKHOLLIN appreciation thread


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4 hours ago, MLBrumby said:

And from Chattanooga, thanks for helping me recognize my favorite non-hometown when I can't get there often anymore.  

Same from myself in Chicago!  All of these updates help me to feel like I'm maintaining a connection to my hometown.  They are very much appreciated.

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13 minutes ago, GreenHillsBoy said:

I will echo what everyone else has said about Mark, thanks for your work, dedication and professionalism at all times.  I have been to a couple of the meetings and you were always the first to say hi, introduce yourself and welcome me.  I appreciate the time and effort you put in as well as the accuracy in your posts.  I don't think I've ever read a post that was incorrect, exaggerated or negatively stated.  Thanks again.  

Very kind of you to say, GreenHillsBoy.  Thanks.  We've got a great team, and are always looking to add more folks willing to contribute in different ways.  : )

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22 hours ago, markhollin said:

^ ^ ^ Thanks for the encouragement, East Side Urbanite (William).  It means a lot.   Certainly all of the work you do in making the initial reports at The Nashville Post on  so many of these provides tremendous backstory on all these projects.  )


On 6/30/2021 at 4:58 PM, East Side Urbanite said:

I've said for years that Ron is the 1A and Mark is the 1B of the Nashville chapter of urbanplanet.org. And Ron, out of a show of humility and respect, will often ask me to rank Mark 1A, as Mark now does more on UP than anybody else (which is impressive considering the major contributions of Ron and Bob).

Mark has been with the group for about seven years now, and his impact has been monumental. When I recall the original days of the group when John (Doorman Poet), Ron, Bob, Stephen, Todd,  the late (and legendary) Dave and I would gather (starting in early 2005) ... hard to believe the group has come this far and stayed together for 16 years.

And how about a huge "thanks!" to T-Hog (Shay) for starting this thread. She is a star on this board.

We all love ya, MH!



And I forgot Kevin is an original and that Daniel (now in Columbus) and Cliff (no longer attends but lurks on the board) need to be given a shout-out. Lots of fine folks in our group.

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