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22 hours ago, Buildtall said:

I’ve always wanted a observation tower over by the titans stadium.  It wouldn’t have to be supertall but around 1000 feet would be nice. Maybe a design like canton tower in Guangzhou. 


This reminds me of the bottom half of the Tokyo Skytree  


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For West End: Turning Torso in Malmö, Sweden. Turningtorso2011.thumb.jpg.5b74ad854efc38dc5f11de4fba64c270.jpg

For CBD: I second Titanhog's appeal for the Chrysler Tower. I'd love to see a classical revival in Nashville.

Along the riverfront: St. Mary Axe in London. I think it would be cool to add darker colors to our skyline. Plus, I really love this tower, though I'm aware designs like these aren't everyone's cup of tea (British-inspired pun intended)30stmaryaxe_ext-overall_(c)philoldfield.thumb.jpg.8c62daf1a87aa89a84d73a1ef2f83488.jpg

I agree with MLBrumby's opinion about many of China's new skyscrapers. I think they are a good fit for East Asian architectural style, but they would look tacky in the U.S. I also think they look cheaply constructed. 

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16 hours ago, nativetenn said:

Along the riverfront: St. Mary Axe in London. 

Also known as "The Gherkin" ! I love that tower.

I think a classic skyscraper with a spire, or pointed crown would make Nashville feel more historic and grand, rather than the little sleepy river town it started as. For example:  

The neo-gothic design of the Sherry Netherland, an apartment/hotel, in Manhattan, at the southeast corner of Central Park. 



Or perhaps the art-deco 70 pine street in the Financial District, one of the tallest towers in Lower Manhattan, that echos the boom-time building of the 1930s.



These are not "modern stunning towers" and I don't feel like Nashville really needs that. I would rather have a classic, old tower, making Nashville feel less "new money."

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The Guardian Building in Detroit. If you think the Cathedral of Finance is beautiful on the outside, the inside will blow you away.




(The last one is a old photo, Bank of America is the bank tenant now. This is what I was able to find that didn't have scaffolding along the front, though.)

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Along the same lines as the Book and Guardian in Detroit, I'd love to have the LeVeque Tower from Columbus. The massing at the bottom and the art moderne details all the way up until the top becomes a mix of really old and new, which I think would play nice with the Parthenon (albeit the top of the LeVeque is more Byzantine/middle-eastern). I think it's a cool and underrated US building.







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