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  1. I realize that most people only care about football but Tennessee did rank #1 and #6 in two different college athletic program rankings. They fielded some great teams in football, men's/women's basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, soccer, etc
  2. Nice job! a mountain bike trail is located in the green space behind the community college name. Fairly recent addition as well.
  3. Someone really needs to recalibrate their printer. That looks awful
  4. Pretty big loss if Friends of Radnor Lake paid $5.1M and sold for $4.3M just 15 months later. I am assuming there is some sort of tax deal or other benefit? If not that seems like a really bad usage of nonprofit money to lose 15% in that investment.
  5. I really liked this project at first but something about it just does not work for me not that it is built. I can't place it either. Not sure if it just didn't live up to the design, location not fitting Hermitage, or what. Also, I always think of the Sandcrawler from Star Wars when I see this.
  6. Has anyone heard anything about this park and where it currently stands? They finished the bridge section what feels like 3-4 months ago and zero progress since. Is the city just waiting for new fiscal year for funding?
  7. Agreed!!! The Cajun fries are delicious. (Haven't ate there in years though) In-N-Out is the CrossFit of fast food. Nobody asks if you like it but the people that do sure make sure everyone is aware.
  8. Below is a picture that Universal released of the Frisco park. Pretty exciting to see something pop up in Texas. Universal has been leading the way recently with development, so not a surprise they would be announcing another park. Disney has a lot of issues right now; and this park is a targeted directly towards their market. Kinda funny that Universal announces a completely new park the day after Disney does this big media push announcing the open date for the Tron ride and then some reservation changes.
  9. I am hearing Berry Farms area for the office? Has there been any discussion as to where the specific property is going to be built? As in address?
  10. Yep! Great move by Disney, atleast short term. Hopefully Chapek eventual replacement will be a good pick. Don't get me wrong, Iger made some bad decisions that still impact the business to this day. But Chapek was destroying both streaming and park business. As for Storyville, I bet a theme park is a tough sell right now in a market that doesn't have a huge draw already. (IE Universal building Epic Universe) So many unknowns when it comes to the economy.
  11. Heck yeah! The only time I ride downtown is for the Tour de Nash.
  12. I don't understand how someone could be underwhelmed by this. I would venture that no matter what you were going to be upset. There is nothing basic about this design. If anything this is the most unique stadium out there when it comes to the exterior. I love how little it resembles a stadium on the outside. I bet there isn't one stadium out there that appears to have as much street activation as this. If this is built like the renderings show, this will be a grand slam for designs. Ignoring cost, this visually is extremely exciting. Both the stadium and the rendering of the area around it.
  13. Landscapers and farmers can't do their job indoors. Just because someone works at a bank shouldn't be a reason for them to work indoors. Logistics and Transportation have to work holidays, so just because someone works at a bank doesn't mean they should get all minor/major holidays off. Why is someone that gets to WFH not earning their paycheck? Sure it could be laziness or privilege for some people, but there are also people that like it for other reasons. For the 3 days I work from home I get at a minimum 1 1/2 more hours with family. I save on gas money. Both of those equal less stress. Then I also don't have to deal with office distractions due to walk-bys, chatty coworkers, etc.
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