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  1. https://newyorkyimby.com/2024/03/renderings-revealed-for-the-torch-at-740-eighth-avenue-in-midtown-manhattan.html Probably one of the strangest skyscrapers I’ve ever seen. Haha you can delete my post. I noticed yours as soon as I posted. Possibly the strangest skyscraper I’ve seen.
  2. That paint job on the Renaissance didn’t last long. At least the dark grey portion.
  3. Not all glass boxes have to be boring. Going up in Chicago at the old Chicago Spire site.
  4. Well finally. Not like originally planned, but something. I wonder if that’s the finished product? it wasn’t on tonight.
  5. Well finally. Not like originally planned, but something. I wonder if that’s the finished product? Also, it’s interesting that you can still see the vertical lines that were lit up in the renderings.
  6. I was stationed in Japan for two years in the Tokyo area and visited all the time. That’s a normal crowd for Shibuya Crossing. Also, there are many elevated crosswalks throughout the area and many cars. It’s a very nice system and you’d never think you were in a metropolis of 38 million people. My son is currently stationed in the same area with the Navy, and takes the train everywhere. He says he doesn’t miss driving at all, and has no desire to come back to the states anytime soon. He really loves it there.
  7. You should post these photos on the "I Remember Nashville When" Facebook group for all the people that whine about how good that area was in the good old days.
  8. Yes! I was trying to find that with no luck.
  9. There are/were 6 of them. They were stationary and basically beamed straight up into the sky. Looked pretty cool from afar when lit.
  10. This proposal in OkC sure is getting a lot of attention in the media.
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