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  1. Just a few hours. It's still borderline baffling to me how, when comparing two capitol cities in Nashville and Columbus, their airports are so vastly incomparable in terms of size, amenities, and overall experience. Considering the MSAs are approximately the same size, and sports are about equal, and Columbus has an edge in terms of corporate presence; it gets the incredibly demure CMH. Just goes to show how much tourism influences things.
  2. It delights me to no end that the Chromatics warehouse is getting repurposed. art fact: the mural was done by an artist named Tackz and dates back to May of 1993, making it among the oldest of public art murals in the city.
  3. I'm in! But, I think one thing you'll find in this example that you won't find here, is that (in many European cities) the humans there actually want to see the betterment of their community, both at a local and the collective levels. Which, is of course, counter to everyone's individual "manifest destiny" if you will, here in the States. It's definitely a discussion for another time, but to get to designing great infrastructure, there has to be a *common* reality in which the majority agree that a multi-modal approach is best. Skoda or Volvo or Zenvo never really had a lobbying arm that said all roads must be able to fit our cars and let's also lobby against protecting BRT lanes, bike lanes, etc.
  4. Pedestrian deaths aren't generally on sidewalks, though. The stretch between Wallace/SouthernKills north to about Plaza Mariachi, but especially the intersection at Harding, are all heavily trafficked via foot, and is extremely dangerous to cross even with the dedicated crosswalk going into Wal Mart. Traffic calming is the very first thing they should do there, followed protecting pedestrians crossing east to west. Just my outsider opinion...
  5. What an absolutely disappointing, enraging thing to read, and a terrible waste.
  6. Highly recommend watching the Richard Hammond short on youtube about JUE477, the first Land Rover off the line in 1948...
  7. So, the REAL key statement from FAA dude in Memphis is https://simpleflying.com/why-the-faa-wont-let-nashville-airport-extend-its-runway/ Which, uh, isn't any more comforting and might actually be more disconcerting.
  8. Depends on the role as to the level of "monitoring" but in general, no. We don't have software that's watching your every click as you multitask with fantasy football while you're supposed to be doing a work task. Only assholes do that kind of thing ( I worked for one in the early 2010s - the company went out of business). We can limit, by policy, what you can do on company-owned equipment, but that's it. And that's done by way of firewall rules and EDR solutions.
  9. How does the FAA deny a runway extension? I understand they do the regulations around patterns, the regulations, etc, but as long as the runway meets FAA spec, then under what authority do they say what an airport can and can't do? We need Lexy
  10. This is cool stuff. Have been working with them behind the scenes.
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