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The Riverside, Ewing West Trinity Lane, 65 acres, 5 million sq. ft. mixed-use, $2.5 billion


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Lets start with the bridges. 

Where will they go? The problem is there are no roads that are in a position to connect from the north to the south. It would have to be a big bridge to go over the levy, not to mention there are two bridges that would connect. The rendering shows a road where the current greenway is at the top of the levy.  They have to connect to roads in Metro Center and those would most likely be, Great Circle and Mainstream Dr. IMO, a pie in the sky.

Can those roads handle all the additional traffic that would spill onto Rosa Parks?

For those of you that have not been to the greenway there, Metro Center is in a bowl. During the flood of 2010, businesses were forced to close for about two weeks for fear of a levy breach/ The river was a good 20' above the elevation of the roads there. If a road ran on top of the levy, there would have to be a lot of strengthening of the levy to handle the traffic.


Now the rezoning. 

This would be a rezoning that would allow for high-rises in an area and allow for a downtown code type of rezoning in what is now mainly light residential and agricultural. Based on what the Planning dept. has done in the past, this is not going to happen.

Has he even talked to the neighbors? I doubt it and I doubt most will be in favor.

This guy is another idiot with too much money. We have seen ridiculous proposals before and will probably see more.

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It's probably just a publicity thing, so he can get his name out there as an ambitious developer. Buy 30 acres of residential and agricultural land, release renderings that make it look like midtown manhattan, forever be introduced in media as "the developer and mind behind the proposed Trinity North development." Or whatever lame generic name they give the neighborhood that completely ignores its history (River Bottoms, Northside, SoDoSoPa, etc). 

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What agricultural land are some of you guys talking about along West Trinity Lane?  I used to live in Northwest Davidson county and the agricultural lands are much further out from that location.  If the land he owns is zoned as agriculture, it shouldn't be an issue to have that rezoned since no one in their right mind would ever use it for that purpose and the city will not getting much in terms of property taxes from it.  The 30 acres he purchased sits  on the bluff of the river across from Metro Center.  Access to the area can come from I-65/24 to the east and Clarksville Pike to the west.  If bridges are built across to Metro Center, that will provide access from the south.

That being said, I too think this is a very ambitious plan that may not have a lot of teeth in right now.  But, I think he may be laying the ground work to develop property that is underutilized and could lead to even more development in the area.  Many of us on this site have spoken about how that area between Clarksville Pike and West Trinity Lane has some of the best views of the skyline.  While the 30 acres he wants to develop sits further east than that and offer lessor views than the stretch that is actually along Buena Vista Pike, it will still have river views and views of the skyline.  I suspect he will be shooting for more residential buildings than office buildings.  That would only make sense for that area right now.  Office buildings could be added later as the infrastructure of the changes.

As a former resident in a nearby area, I can say that I'll be surprised if residents in that area oppose his development concept.  People in that area believe that they've not been included in Nashville's growth.  This type of announcement will at least say that someone is wanting to do something to improve their area of town.  And, since the development is along W. Trinity Lane, it want be perceived as an intrusion on the existing neighborhoods just north of that property.   I'm sure most would prefer for such a concept to be proposed closer to the MLK Bridge and Clarksville Pike, but it will probably be seen as an opportunity to eventually develop the area.

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I'd like to propose more bridges in general.  It's ridiculous there's no bridge across the river between downtown and where Briley crosses on the N side (OK there's a pedestrian bridge between Shelby's Bottom and 2 rivers park).  A bridge across OH lake would cut the distance between Hermitage/Mt. Juliet and Hendersonville in half.  Hopefully when the scrap metal place gets replaced by 30 story mixed use towers there can be another pedestrian bridge or 2 downtown-I'd love to see pedestrian/bicycle commuters crossing the river morning and evening.

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