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  1. What is the overall density of the area in terms of residential and workforce population? While having retail and restaurant options are nice, you also have to consider the sustainability of those type of establishments in an area. Plopping in street level retail and dinning spaces always sounds nice, but is that area truly viable enough to support them beyond lunch time? Unlike Bridgestone arena, the Municipal Auditorium is not booked consistently enough to where retail and dinning businesses would benefit that much from the occasional event held there. It also highly unlikely that even if Nashville lands an NBA team that the auditorium site will even be considered as a venue for an NBA team. There is no way the existing facility could ever be renovated to meet the standards a team or fans would expect in such a venue. It would have to be torn down and a new arena built in its place. That location would even be a long shot considering how far away it from the bulk of the hotels, bars and restaurants that most would want nearby.
  2. With all the development that is taking place in the Brick Church Pike, Trinity Lane, West Trinity Lane areas over to Clarksville Pike, just how much development includes new grocery stores and big box stores like Target, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.? That area was pretty much void of all the typical retail you'd find in a suburban area. I grew up in the Kings Lane/Eatons Creek Road area and it took decades for even Kroger's to open a grocery on Clarksville Pike. If we wanted t go to a big box store we'd have to go to White Bridge Road, Madison and Rivergate. I'm just wondering if that is area is being developed beyond residential.
  3. Any updates on starting construction? Just checking because I'm going to be really upset if that cleared lot stays there for an indefinite period of time. They started demolition on existing buildings in November of 2022. I wish there was some better way to coordinate all components of approvals, permitting, site clearing, etc. so that lots aren't cleared months or worse years prior to actual start of construction. These vacate lots become eyesores with the fencing and temporary signage that isn't maintained well after they go up.
  4. I don't know if this has been posted, my apologies if it has. Last October I stayed at the Hotel Preston and I was told by both a manager and bartender/manager that Marriott is planning a full renovation of the property to begin sometime in 2024 or early 2025. It may include exterior changes as well. They haven't been told if the hotel will close during the renovations. All they seem to know is that everything from the lobby to the bar area, elevators and every guest room will be renovated. I will say this from my stay there, the room I was in was a corner room that was very spacious with a lot of wasted space in the entrance area of the room. The bathroom however was small, dark and could use a refresh for sure. While the furnishings in the room were nice, the actual built-ins were a bit worn. There was an area that was basically a dry bar that should have been a wet bar with a built in microwave and a stocked refrigerator with snacks and beverages (the in-room refrigerator was in a piece furniture that the tv sat on and had a desk at the other end). The only microwave on the floor was in a space next to the vending machines sitting on what appeared to be an old tv stand. The elevators had to be reset several times while I was there, so they really need to be replaced. The lobby is small and poorly laid out and not very welcoming. The property has good bones and I can see why Marriott took it over. I just hope that the renovation will go beyond cosmetic stuff.
  5. Here's a link to a photo gallery of the Drift Hotel. Drift Hotel - Nashville One night stands and bad decisions withstanding, this is an amazing transformation!!! They deserve nothing but gratitude and praise for this renovation.
  6. I know the plan to reduce the seating capacity is a bummer to some, but the new numbers might be in response to overall market not just the site location. Keep in mind the Pinnacle Concert Hall in Nashville Yards will seat 4,500. TPAC for the most part has been about theatrical performances with some small concert bookings. So, is there really a need for a 3,200 seat hall? When you consider that single hall Broadway theaters in NYC range from 597 to 1,933 the size of the proposed TPAC theaters seem about right to me. The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center (BPAC) in Charlotte has three halls that range from 434 to 2,118 seats. There is a flex hall for smaller events. Also, Charlottes doesn't have a dedicated symphony hall like Nashville's Schermerhorn Symphony Center (1,844 seating capacity). Their symphony performs at the BPAC. So, what is being proposed for Nashville's new TPAC appears to be scaled appropriately.
  7. While I'm not overly impressed with the renderings and wish there was more height, the concept of Mid-City will do wonders for that area. The visual impact is going to be significant. It'll also balance the presence of Broad West. If the Reed District development along with 1401 Church are built out as planned it will be a very nice mid-town skyline along I-40 with some very nice vistas on the approach from both the north and the south. Especially if the 40 story building in the Reed District project and the 45 story building in the 1401 Church project are actually built.
  8. I wish them well. I want to see them get a strong win with this project. But that area... are there other announced developments coming to that area or are they counting on their development being the kick starter for other developers to come in and further develop the area? It may be a hard sell to get buyers/renters for a development surrounded by trailers parks, truck stops, auto salvage lot (i.e. junk yard).... I just wonder if the other side of I-24/65 would be a better option given that it is undergoing redevelopment already. But, I guess someone has to be the first on the east side of the interstate along Trinity Lane.
  9. Shots like this make me even more excited about the potential of the east bank in particular, but also the south loop around to Charlotte Pike.
  10. I could be wrong , but I thought they were only turned on when the arena was in use. Are they not even doing that anymore? The one time that lighting really stood out to me was on an evening when there was a concert being held there (I think it was Toni Braxton and Kenny G when they toured and performed together). I believe it was the winter of 1997. It snowed that night as well and remember when the concert was over and people were walking out many stopped to look up at those lights because it was magical to see how it created the appearance of snow columns. A group of us walked over to the Renaissance for cocktails on the bridge bar over Commerce St. and there was still a lite snow falling when we left so I drove down Broadway to take in the site again before heading home. Others appeared to be doing the same. I think the Tennessean had a photo in the paper the next day as well.
  11. Thanks. I wasn't expecting them to be up lit. I was just hoping there would be more of a glowing light around them. No need for them to cast light upwards, downwards or outwards. Just accent ambient lighting would be enough. It would be cool if they could change colors subtly. No harsh flashing, no trailing effects, etc.
  12. While it would have been nice if the upper part was and additional 10 stories, I actually don't mind the height of this building. I'm not sure that with it being any taller that the street impact would be any better. As I look at it I hope the fins (that's what I'm calling them) at the top will have ambient lighting at night. That will give a nice visual impact as you drive along Rosa Parks. It should also provide visual impact on the NY side as well. If the building was taller you would definitely need those fins to have lighting just so that there is a visual impact at night. Otherwise it would just get lost. Does anyone know if the fins will have lighting? Inquiring minds want to know... did the yucca survive?
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