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  1. There is three times the Nashville Metro population living within 90 minutes or so of RDU, so there’s quite a large customer base (average income for the area is also higher, as is demand for premium seats). We’ll try harder to be more like London and Shanghai so we can be graced with the presence of sophisticated world travelers like yourself.
  2. I’m convinced that airlines like this one are some sort of money laundering operation or something. It’s so obvious they’re going to fail from the beginning, but someone has to be making money from it.
  3. Well the issue is that those workers are, in fact, finding other jobs. I’m in IT and it’s absolutely a way to attract and retain better talent if you give the option for WFH. We actually ended up discontinuing working with a company we had contracted with for an application we wanted because when they insisted on their programmers returning to office they all quit and took other jobs. The company effectively shut down for a period of time and when they came back the new programmers just couldn’t match the skill or efficiency of the old. It’s the right of employers to require their employees to come to work, but the employees have no obligation to stay with that company. As for myself I actually prefer coming into office. My employer offers a WFH day every week but I never do it. I find it hard to take breaks when I’m working at home, and also it creates chaos in the house because I have 3 young kids (with another on the way) and they get upset when daddy is home but can’t play with them.
  4. All interesting points. Point of order though, Atlanta receives approximately 4x as many tourists as Nashville annually. But I see your point.
  5. I’d like to throw my two cents in regarding the several-weeks-old discussion of team name in the event of a relocation. If a team like the White Sox or the Athletics (certainly going to LV) moves here I would 100% be on board with keeping the name of the teams. Both of them are some of the oldest and most storied franchises in MLB and it would be such a slap in the face to baseball fans to get rid of the team names. Plus they both have some of the best looking uniforms and hats in baseball. If it was a team like the Rays I wouldn’t care as much, since they don’t have much history and tbh their uniforms have always been garbage (although I preferred the gaudy Devil Rays unis of the late 90s, early 00’s). Stars is such a basic and default sports team game, super lame and non-memorable. It’s the name of mediocre 12u travel teams, not an MLB franchise. The original team was only around for a few years in the 1950s and probably 99% of nashvillians have no idea of their existence and don’t care. Also, I think a relocation or expansion is more likely if the stadium is located outside of downtown. Full-neighborhood deals like that of the Braves are going to be the way things are done in the future and there’s no room downtown and a slice of land at TSU excites nobody. Downtown is appealing to tourists but season ticket holders are where your $ comes from and a lot of them hate going downtown (or at least a lot of titans season ticket holders I talk to do). The neighborhoods around TSU also aren’t inviting for your average baseball fan. Ironically the Braves relocated away from a neighborhood that was similar to those around TSU, and a huge part of it was nobody wanted to go to games in the neighborhood. I used to go down there and get $1 tickets at the gate in the late 00’s because they couldn’t sell tickets. Building in one of the high population counties around Davidson (Wilson, Sumner, Rutherford, Williamson) gives them the land they need and the sense of safety potential fans want.
  6. A concern is to whether removing the cross-runway would risk more weather related delays in the event where a cross-runway would allow them to proceed with operations. I don’t really know for sure, I’m just sure there has to be some benefit to having runways go different directions.
  7. Considering how fantastic this and the other projects in the area are, i would consider residents of City Lights to absolutely be winners. It’s just that a few of the more litigious residents are too dumb to realize that.
  8. It’s not LH that I’m skeptical of, it’s the A380. LH has plenty of aircraft that would make sense for BNA, but a 500 seater isn’t one of them.
  9. I would expect allegiant to do well on the route, considering it is a popular destination and they can totally undercut the other carriers prices on the route. I’ve only flown Allegiant once - IAD to BNA a few months ago - which is already served by UA but the plane was packed. $48 one way. I could be wrong but I believe that American LHR flight has heavy subsidies and the CDG flight is primarily due to something like the pharmaceutical or biotech industries, which create a lot of demand for premium class seats. They have less traffic but more of a percentage of their traffic is higher yielding business travelers, instead of the heavy amounts of budget minded leisure travelers that come to BNA.
  10. I despise STR’s. The only reason I ever use them is if we’re taking a big family vacation to a beach, because it’s really the only way you can get a beachfront place with room for 10+ to sleep. I never understand why the platforms allow them to get away with such dishonest pricing. Saying it’s a certain amount per night, and then tacking on hundreds of dollars in “owners fees” or some such nonsense is insane. And I’ve yet to figure out why I have to both pay a housekeeping fee AND wash the sheets, dishes, etc. TBH after a housing search last year with prices inflated and availability decreased due to STR investors buying up everything, and dealing with the dishonest pricing, I hope they all lose their shirts in this.
  11. The larger U shaped building in that map is mostly used by Metro, with several departments having office space and the garages being used by metro fleet management. The smaller rectangular one is the actual Genesco building that was being referenced earlier in this thread, which has been unoccupied for several years.
  12. “ “What was interesting is, (former Mayor) Dean helped people realize that Nashville is a brand name,” he continues. “A lot of big cities, there’s no branding. I mean, like all due respect, but what’s Charlotte? Oh, NASCAR and banking, and right now, banking’s splitting up. “So it’s like we have a brand here that everybody in the world wants.” ” lol this made me chortle.
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