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JLL Marketed Duke Properties (2 now and eventually 3)


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Exciting stuff. If they are leading with apartments as the main development at 401 S. College, that makes me think we aren't getting a convention center sized hotel of 800+ rooms. 

The 526 S. Church concept sounds very interesting. Could be very cool loft space with big floorplans (hopefully for purchase too)! The retail is going to be very welcome in that part of town and sounds like they'll rework the streetscape with the existing structure. The street level needs EXTENSIVE work though or if will still be a block killer.

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8 minutes ago, grodney said:

I can't believe they're not demolishing 526 S Church.

It says they're building an apartment tower on top of it.  I don't know how these construction things work but perhaps it's easier/cheaper to do that than start over with perhaps a new foundation?  I'm not sure I know this building.  Is it an eyesore?

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Unless the building was constructed with expansion in mind, it's difficult to just add a tower to an existing tower. I wonder if they're going to put a tower on the parking lot facing Mint. I guess the low rise lobby area might be the retail zone

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1 minute ago, atlrvr said:

The first thing I thought of is Hudson Commons on the west side of Manhattan a few blocks from Hudson Yards.  This new office tower on-top of old, and now is home to Peloton's corporate HQ.

Before/After pics.



Wow, what a difference!  I hope this brutal Duke building can be transformed like that.

BTW, I said in an earlier comment that I didn't recall that particular Duke building, but now having seen the pictures I definitely do.  It sticks out like a very sore thumb.

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this MVC is  mystery and can't find out much about them.  Based in the Charlotteburg area of Berlin


from the Biz Journal this afternoon this about the S Church St property

""MRP spokeswoman Liz Piccolo says the ground floor will be converted into retail and restaurant space. The upper story and a half will be converted into luxury apartments. MRP will build the 14-story addition for more apartments. There will be 550 apartments in the project altogether.  Piccolo says MRP has no current start or completion date for the project. Duke Energy will be allowed to occupy that building until its 40-story headquarters under construction at 525 S.Tryon St. is completed. Portillo says that project is slated for completion in late 2023.""


""Portillo says Berlin-based Millennium Venture Capital has agreed to purchase the College Street site. The planned multi-use project is Millennium's first Charlotte venture, although it has been active in such projects elsewhere in the Southeast, she says. Millennium is referring all questions to its Berlin office. The Charlotte Business Journal has not gotten additional details on its plans for the site as of yet.""

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27 minutes ago, 1980CU said:

I enjoy reading all the comments on here.  I think I can shed some light on how they could add floors on top of part of the existing building.  I think when the newer part of the building (phase II) was constructed in the mid-1980's, Duke Energy (Duke Power at the time) contemplated making the building 26 floors instead of 13 floors and poured the foundations to support 26 floors, but eventually only built the second phase to 13 floors (includes a basement area), same height as phase I.

Thanks and that is good insight and they must be considering that.  

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