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  1. They are no longer going in the tower on the existing site.
  2. Which will be filled by something very awesome, can't wait to not be able to afford anything there
  3. I think this was always a bad choice for W&F, it never made sense with how Uptown works, I don't think it closing is an indictment of Uptown or foot traffic, more as you alluded to in bad business decision making.
  4. It's basically just a Charlotte tap room for Ass Clown brewing, but also having liquor? The decisions business owners make is baffling to me
  5. It is pretty crazy how little traction LoSo Village has gained. Weathered Souls has seemed to struggle since day 1 and the space is available for lease now. Days are for sure numbered. Gilde has a consistent local crowd, but what they paid for that build out and such, they definitely are not killing it. State of Confusion had a strong start but they GOT to be taking a bath now, there's no way its making money. I know Phat Burrito has got to be hurting as well. I don't get it? Is there just not enough residential there yet? Not enough parking? Not enough quality concepts? Goldie's near by is KILLIN IT. I guess it is probably what CLTDEV said, just not compelling enough concepts to make it down there. Most are meh no doubt. SoC's space is SO cool, but yeah absolutely way too big. As for MMB, i think crappy product is enough to turn people away these days if you are not well known or a prime location
  6. That's pretty much it lol. Same owner as Ass Clown, that hail mary location and quietly opening with 0 promotion what so ever. They do have a liquor permit, so at least they are smart enough to do that. Other than that, god speed to them...
  7. Probably posted in a different thread, but White Lodging is taking it through brownfields to build a hotel
  8. Fujiyama is being replaced by the Sam Hart concept, Pie in the Sky is out yeah but there is going to be another pizza place called Woodfired Pizza and the hot dog place will EVENTUALLY have burgers too and it's called BFF and is from the owner of Crisp.
  9. Half of where brooks brothers was and the corner space. Rag & Bone news soon
  10. Jason Thomas posted about it end of June, but this new place looks solid.
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