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  1. Lots going on in downtown Concord 10th largest city in the state and 2nd largest city in the region. New streetscape going on on Union St. 1 of 3 new apartment buildings is completed one is getting ready to open this summer and 3rd well underway. New businesses opening up and some relocating. Notice in a few areas you can see the extended wider sidewalks which will allow for sidewalk dining. New apartments in a historic 1903 building. Home | Lofts On Union | Newly Renovated Apartments in a Historic Building | Concord, NC PORTFOLIO | LMG (lmgroup.us) developer of the three 3 apartment buildings downtown. Renovation of the 1960s courthouse for more courthouse space so Cabarrus County will have preserved all its courthouses from mid 1800s to current brand new one.
  2. Spring is a great time to visit a new park in the area. These are not new to me but maybe they would be to you. Pharr Mill Park Harrisburg and Rob Wallace Park around an old quarry in Midland (last 2 photos) Find your new park this spring. Park and Recreation | Park and Recreation (mecknc.gov) Park Facilities Cabarrus County and of course our great NC State Parks (and I have been to majority of them including every park east of I-77 to the coast) North Carolina State Parks (ncparks.gov)
  3. This is suburban placemaking here at Birkdale Village. Lots of people at restaurants, shopping and watching the Masters on the big screen tv. This is how to make a suburban place an urban walkable center. People love this space!
  4. I sure wish the state of Tennessee would pay some attention to Memphis once a rival to Nashville but no more as Nashville has zoomed by it. The state of affairs there is terrible. But even if the state gives some free land for a MLB team won't they want the city of Nashville to chip in greatly as was done with the new Titans stadium?
  5. Seems to be soil testing. I am betting this is the next hotel to get off the ground in central part of Charlotte. Could be up to 400 rooms I hear.
  6. It has if someone can tell me how to change it I would to the Vanguard Campus aka Centene
  7. Great news here! ""UNC Charlotte is poised to gain R1 status in 2025 — a classification that recognizes the ever-increasing amount of research it conducts and its roster of top-level talent. It also stands to catapult the university — and region — forward. Just two major metropolitans in the United States — Charlotte and Portland, Oregon — don’t have an R1 university. The official 2025 classifications are expected to be released early next year, but projections show UNC Charlotte would qualify under new metrics, according to the American Council on Education. “I believe higher education is one of those anchor institutions in a community,” says Sharon Gaber, UNC Charlotte chancellor. “I think it broadens the opportunities for us. R1 will bring additional federal and state research dollars to the table. It will lure talented faculty and researchers to the region, while spurring enrollment growth. The status also could play a role in attracting business and industry here, building on a strong talent pipeline and the potential for research partnerships with local companies. “Having a designation simply makes it all a little bit more credible,” says John Daniels, vice chancellor for research. “Our challenge is updating that muscle memory, to say ‘Hey look, we also have this critical mass of expertise and ability to be relevant in terms of startup companies, corporate partnerships and federal investment.’”"" UNC Charlotte poised to gain R1 status - Charlotte Business Journal (bizjournals.com)
  8. To have the largest 2 Japanese manufacturing companies with huge facilities in the Triad is just great. Toyota is the largest Japanese manufacturer and Honda is #2. Hopefully Japanese PM goes back to Japan and when he hears of US expansion he will mention NC and Greensboro in particular. Top 10 Manufacturing companies in Japan by revenue for April 2024 | Zoominfo.com
  9. I was looking at the core most populous counties in either metro Davidson for Nashville metro and Mecklenburg for Charlotte metro. So the personal median income in metro Nashville is 13.6% higher than Charlotte's metro with the BEA data above as you found the metro data and if you look at the housing costs from the study I mentioned before your median list price in Nashville is 26.2% higher ($504,900 vs $399,900).
  10. this is a nice tidy chart to look at population growth in the Charlotte metro compared to other metros in the country. Breaking Down the Latest Census Data | United States | Cushman & Wakefield (cushmanwakefield.com) Charlotte metro is #7 fastest growing in percentage terms and #9 in nominal terms. Jax, Duval, Jacksonville, whatever you call it is the fastest-growing large metro besting long-time leader Austin. (in percentage terms of course)
  11. Apartment rental rates in Nashville have declined as they have in many southeast markets. From Yardi Matrix here are some regional comparisons. Austin has the highest year-over-year decline in the country. Columns from Left to Right. 1. Year over Year Rent growth March '24 2. Forecast at year end of 2024 rent growth 3. year over year job growth last 6 months Dec 2023 4. completions as a percentage of stock March '24 Charlotte -0.8% 0.1% 3.1% 5.5% Dallas -1.6% -1.0% 3.7% 2.6% Orlando -2.0% -1.5% 2.2% 4.2% Raleigh -2.2% -0.6% 3.7% 5.0% Portland -2.2% -1.6% 2.1% 3.1% Nashville -2.4% -0.6% 2.7% 4.8% Phoenix -2.6% -1.4% 1.9% 3.4% Atlanta -2.8% -0.9% 2.2% 3.4% Austin -5.9% -3.5% 2.8% 5.0% As for income comparisons between Charlotte and Nashville the Charlotte area is slightly ahead. U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts: Davidson County, Tennessee
  12. wow this is up to 7 floors now from what I see. 38 more to go!
  13. Big expansion up in Wake County of a Japanese pharmaceutical company Fuji. Fujifilm expands Wake County project with 680 more jobs, average pay $110,000 - Business North Carolina (businessnc.com) Charlotte will host the prestigious Japan Southeast US Conference in October. SEUS/Japan Conference 2024 - Charlotte | NC Commerce The Charlotte region has many Japanese companies (89 according to CRBA) most are smaller operations than the large Toyota, HondaJet, Fuji plants in Greensboro and Raleigh areas. However, it looks like they are going to tour the NC Research Campus and Eli Lilly in Cabarrus County so I wish we would get a large pharma plant from a Japanese company. I have managed 2 homes with Japanese executives here in the Charlotte area one with Sompo Insurance in Ballantyne and another with Dai Nippon in Concord. They usually rotate execs into a US office and stay 4-5 years sometimes longer. Of course, we have had some Japanese banks in Charlotte but I wish they would consider larger offices here.
  14. Yes in the old Gap space area closest to Belks. Coming in the main entrance of the mall by Cheesecake Factory hang a left towards Belks and it will be on the left on the exterior wall. That is why they want to do a 2 story store. And Old Navy is still in the mall by Dillards with a suburban-size store. I think that store leased there right after the 2009 2010 recession and they probably a good deal at the time.
  15. and these jobs are high paying according to this article over $110K FUJIFILM expands Wake County project with 680 more jobs, average pay $110,000 - Business North Carolina (businessnc.com)
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