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  1. I was just reading about 550 S Tryon in Wikipedia, and I was shocked at how bad the article is. There are a few typos (missing words), the Development Years section is extremely clumsy and repetitive, and the article mixes tense a lot. And more! I know Wikipedia is crowd-edited, and I'm NOT volunteering myself lol, but man. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/550_South_Tryon
  2. So are they going in the same space?
  3. What in the world? Some of those giant tanks are $1?!?!?!! Do they have to honor the final prices?
  4. Dumb question.....why are so many apartment buildings 5ish stories? Is it a code thing or construction thing or something else? And if they go higher, is there a next height that is common for similar or other reasons? Thanks!
  5. Can you all help me find a site plan for this? The sign says Camden Blakeney. It's at Ardrey Kell Rd and Wade Ardrey Rd. My Google skills are failing me. Thanks.
  6. Interestingly(?), Midnight Mulligan was the most recent True Charlotte Brewery (first category below) to open.....and that was over 2 years ago. I think my list is mostly up-to-date now.......although somebody told me that Weathered Souls hasn't ever brewed here.....not sure if that's true. But as above, they're not sticking around long anyway.
  7. Thanks. There's already a bunch out-of-date.....and reddit helped me clarify a few others. I'll post an updated list sometime soon. Speaking of which, I see Midnight Mulligan is officially gone now......but Weathered Souls appears to still be very much alive? What happened at Midnight Mulligan? Crappy beer isn't enough to turn away the hordes. They had a great place with their own parking.....in a booming area. Maybe not booming enough? Didn't use social media enough? I'm curious if anybody has more scoop.
  8. We went to Blue Blaze on Saturday......holy hell that area has boomed! There are apartments under construction everywhere (including across the street from Blue Blaze), office/retail buildings everywhere, nice landscaping/sidewalk/greenway next to the brewery, and the mill is looking great. I don't know anything about what's going in there or when, but it looks nice all cleaned up. I know there was some news about Blue Blaze rent going up 5x or whatever, but I haven't heard anything since. Anyway, this boom has to be what they were dreaming of when they first got that space long ago.......it just took longer than they wanted/hoped, I'm sure. By the way, their Doppelbock and Scotch Ale were awesome. I wish all their beer was that good, hahahaha. Also went to Town (Hazy) and Birdsong (ESB).....after starting the day at Pinky's. Had a Red Oak with lunch, like it was 2002 all over again. That beer is pretty terrible for $6/pint. Crazy how things have changed.
  9. Hate to follow and possibly draw attention away from the quality rant above, but what is this re-zoning for, and why does it require re-zoning? In laymen's terms. I mean I can read the rezoning docs, but I don't get it. Thanks! https://www.charlottenc.gov/Growth-and-Development/Planning-and-Development/Rezoning/2023/2023-129
  10. End-of-year Brewery List preview before I publish to reddit. Any corrections welcomed!!! Question: Labaratory (see above) Coming soon: OMB Ballantyne, etc. Suffolk Punch Birkdale. Saucy Brew Works. Hippin Hops (see above). Another Brewery.
  11. So is Hippin Hops open yet in that D9 space? We're running out of "December". Also, anybody been to "Labaratory"? They SUPPOSEDLY brew BEER (in addition to soju)? https://charlotte.axios.com/315931/owners-of-seoul-food-meat-co-to-open-a-new-brewery-and-soju-distillery-in-2023/
  12. Anybody know anything about Alongside Brewing? https://www.instagram.com/alongsidebrewing/ Same space the arcade was in? Same owner as Ass Clown?
  13. Look at these crazy directions to White Duck Taco. Apparently, Google Maps thinks that 10th St has a median(?)......so you aren't "there" yet when you're northbound, and you have to loop back around to southbound. We actually drove this last night because we didn't know where we were going, hahaha. And of course we ended up parking around the corner on Seigle, so we could have just gone straight through that light at Seigle and 10th anyway. Guess I should have researched that a bit in advance.
  14. My view from the 28th floor of the new Duke building......I guess that's as high as it's going?
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