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  1. I really hope the lot next to this one gets developed soon.
  2. I was thinking this too but wondered if there was better news lol. Thank you.
  3. Are they working on the office portion? Looks like they cleared off lots of the dirt that was on that end. Just asking. I know things like this are usually done in phases but I saw some movement there and was curious.
  4. I heard someone while walking around SouthEnd telling the person that they were with that this is just going to be another 6 story apartment building. I laughed! Have they been living under a rock!? They really think this has topped out.
  5. Fully cleared off with taping around the lot.
  6. I’m really shocked that glass is going up already!
  7. Old Duke building residential conversion. Not sure if this has been posted or how long this signage has even been up. Hopefully this will begin soon!
  8. This might end up being my favorite Noda apartment new build. At least for the exterior being mostly brick and having a nice sharp look yet having an aged look.
  9. I hope whoever buys the other parcels plan really innovative high rise development. The North side needs more density to match the south side. I honestly felt like the previous plans were quite lackluster in comparison to the new and improved library.
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