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Broadview at Vanderbilt/Vandy Graduate & Professional Student Village (10 and 7 stories, 615 beds, ground level retail, underground garage)


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Let's be honest Vandy IS the neighborhood so really they are crafting it in their vision. I agree that closing off 21st Ave would be atrosious - I think though the intersection needs to be re-worked again. Additionally, the fact that phase two  creates a continuous street wall along 21st Ave is great! Having the green space behind would be great for students and for the overall connectiveness of the campus.

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If these buildings were offices, condos or apartments you could have some street activation in the form of shops or restaurants but these are  essentially dormitories that will create a dead space in that area.

This is why I wanted Vanderbilt  to start building up and not out-why I wanted Carmichael Towers replaced with even taller but nicer towers otherwise Vandy is just going to gobble up everything in sight.

My two cents worth.

UPDATE:  OK I see where they say there will be some retail in the form of a bookstore and a grocery....is that still part of the plan?

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17 hours ago, MLBrumby said:

Ugh!!! That Phase 2 needs a lot of work. Trying to look like Cool Springs?  And does that diagram show they plan to close off 21st Avenue?  That's a truly rotten idea.  

I am not sure 21st will be closed. I really do not think Metro is going to allow that to happen. Talking about more traffic nightmares to accommodate Vandy, I think not. They do not need to be accommodated as they are not going anywhere. Traffic calming is another thing. You can slow the traffic down or if Vandy is serious, go over or under.

They should be forced to work with Metro as that is a public street and many of their employees use that street to get to work and to the hospital. A major thoroughfare. Not to mention is the guys that want to close 17th between West End between Broadway and West End get their way, it creates an island and a traffic issue. Metro needs to put the giant steel boot down and say NO!

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On 3/2/2021 at 4:49 PM, FinleyStephenson said:

I agree with you. And having green spaces would be a big plus. Every student would like not only to study at a decent university but also to live in a good place. When I was choosing a university, I paid attention to the campus, where it is located, what is on its territory, and for other moments.  After all, it's very important to study in comfortable conditions, this can even have a positive effect on the educational process. Moreover, I often had problems with this and often turned to uk essay writing service. Otherwise, everything was great, I love remembering my student years. It was a great time.

AI spam bot...?

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