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Modera Creative Village (CV Parcel U) | 10-story residential (Proposed)


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10-story mixed-use building and parking garage

292 apartments

11,000 square feet of ground-floor retail fronting on Amelia Street and Chatham Avenue.

The parking structure will comprise the most of the first three floors and will have 355 spaces, enough to accommodate the residents and retail users.


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14 hours ago, WAJAS98 said:

No no no nada!  I know that this will go through the ARB, but this has to change. I was fine with a few bland buildings, but we don’t want to build on a parcel fronting the park unless a more interesting design comes.


Move this to one fo the western parcels.

I agree. Creative Village has been a long awaited development. Is this what we waited 10+ years for? I thought that as development moved east, the buildings would get taller or at least more interesting. It’s a little frustrating that we have so many apartments under 15 stories underway (Prism, 520, Radius, Robinson apts, Amelia Court) not to mention the ones that are already complete. do we really need another one? In addition to them being short, most really aren’t all that great looking. In total we probably have a good 6 maybe 7 20+ story high rise apartments. With so much demand on apartments I would assume that more high rises would be built. CitiTower for example was a great addition and filled up pretty fast. They perfectly executed that project and built something worth being on prime real estate. This is just junk to me based on the amount of potential and momentum CV has built.

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On ‎1‎/‎30‎/‎2019 at 6:42 PM, dcluley98 said:

Thank you Jernigan!  Also bland, but decent height, and good GF retail space included. Not bad for the area and necessary for more cheaper housing. Renderings don't look like 10-stories though. I wonder if there are updated renderings based on the narrative details. 

it looks like 8 at the most.

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This has an estimated opening of 2021.  The staggered start dates on these projects are purposeful to keep everyone from competing at once - the example given at a presentation today was Maitland where 3 apartment projects started leasing at once and it’s not ideal for any of them 

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I appreciate that color, but IMHO I think that Maitland cannot be compared to DT for occupancy and rental rates. I know my rent keeps going up despite the ever-expanding supply coming on-market. 

Maybe if Radius and 520 ever finish and X-Orlando actually happens rent-flation will stagnate. Not holding my breath. 

As an aside, this is definitely true for CR market and hotels. There is not as much demand for CR space currently other than the somewhat ponzi workspace people like WeWork that are constantly losing money.

Interesting times. The end of the cycle is near. Find your chair.  It might be a while before the music stops, but it will stop. 

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