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  1. I don't know who the finalists are, but, I would rank Daytona over Eatonville simply because of the history with M. M. Bethune, Jackie Robinson, and of course, BCC, and Daytona's history of having hosted BCR all those years and it's history of having black mayor's. Eatonville is a "nothing" compared to Daytona in this respect. In fact, I would award it to Daytona outright. Even over Tallahassee with FAMU there. More black history in Daytona with investment and relevance than anywhere else in the state, especially compared to Eatonville. IMHO...
  2. https://www.aol.com/building-next-daytona-racing-card-091706302.html A huge concrete building is being built along I-95 in Daytona Beach behind a billboard for Publix. But appearances can be deceiving."
  3. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/38122958/florida-state-consider-leaving-acc-due-revenue-distribution this is from last August. The ACC was looking to reward schools based on performance on the field. However, fsU wanted to get rewarded by TV marketability. So, fsU wanted to get paid for having a larger fan base than the other ACC schools regardless of their performance on the field. F*ck you. That would explain knocking the Duke QB out of the game in 2023. That's the definition of headhunting. Schools will do whatever it takes to win because money is involved, including injuring opponents' star players. I guess the ACC would be partly to blame for this. In the SEC, all of the schools make the same money; Vandy makes what Bama makes. https://apnews.com/article/florida-state-acc-conference-realignment-c10c2ec83dbd59d6281f98a18ebd8bf5 Wow. What conference would want to have to deal with that kind of BS from a new member? If I was UF, I would take them off the schedule and cite the headhunting aspect of it for player safety. This is like back when Darnell Docket went after Earnest Graham. Back in the day, they would try to win at all costs to get the big money bowl bid. Now, it's no different as they need to perform to get more money.
  4. there is also linear street parking along Brookhaven.
  5. but, seriously, you are correct that the $1B fine is ridiculous to consider. And the NFL chooses who sings (and what). The fact that people would believe that she randomly decided to sing THAT song over the Anthem and that the NFL didn't know ahead of time is ludicrous, hence the need for a fine. You don't have to be Alex Jones to either see that or ponder that; its common sense knowing the recent track record of the nfl.
  6. none of the major news outlets reported a fine. why would there be, when that woke organization was behind it in the first place?
  7. I heard it was, and the PH people posted as much on FB months back
  8. yep, this is the era I'm referring to, late '90's early 2000's. https://www.tampabay.com/archive/1999/02/04/magic-says-rodman-is-a-long-shot/ he was the rebound leader for 7 straight seasons, and Chuck Daly was now coaching us, and he wanted to play for his old coach again.
  9. So, what we have here is a combination of things: a weak brand, a weak schedule, and fsu pointing the fingers at The ACC, which is a basketball conference (or was) when fsu decided to join them, knowing this, yet joined them anyway, and now is suing them. Fsu sucked in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and arguably in 2016 & 2015, yet they blame The ACC for their brand suffering. Maybe if they were good all those years IN A ROW and went toe to toe with Clemson the ACC's overall brand AND THEIR BRAND would have been stronger, like back when it was usually Miami vs FSU in 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, where the winner would by default go on and play for the NC. Miami would play for the NC in 1987, 1989, 1991, 1994, and Fsu played for it in 1993, and both lost an extra game in 1990 and 1992. During those years in the late '80's and forward, fsU's brand was perceivably strong, because of a consistent showing on the field year after year. But, when a team starts to suck and lose to Wake Forest every other year, and lave losing records consistently, the brand starts to suck. Yet it's the ACC"s fault; the weak ACC is responsible for fsU sucking and not having a good record year after year-yet Clemson was able to do that and get several CFP bids. Now all of the sudden- it is the fault of the ACC. Do people even understand this?
  10. how can I summarize this as succinctly as possible: at a time when the Independents were conferencing up (in the '90's), fsu decided to reject the SEC's invite in favor of an easier conference in the ACC. The name of the game going into the '90's was getting the bid to the major NYD Bowl. But, the innovation that the SEC did with divisional play, influenced the rest of college football, and became a major money maker for the networks. fsu's ACC finally did do divisional play, but, Saint Bobby was retiring and the fsu faithful thought their CIW's persona would carry over from Saint Bobby's absence, especially since they won the NC in 2013 with Crab Legs. But, something happened...fsu started sucking and Clemson started getting really good. Clemson made the CFP several times and won 2 CFP's while fsu was sucking under Jimbo. But then something happened...Jimbo dumped fsu for Texas A&M. 2018. Then Jimbo's replacement absolutely stunk. Then fsu ducked UF in 2020, then fsu got dumped by the CFP in 2023 like a Group of Five team. fsu may complain about the ACC's deal with ESPN, but, Clemson seemed to be perfectly fine with it all those years they were getting bids to the CFP. its the brand. their brand suffered when they went the p*ssy way out in 1992. And it finally reared its ugly head when they realized their brand wasn't even as good as upstart Washington Huskies in an already criticized PAC-10. Their 13-0 was trash.
  11. they had a chance to get The Worm back in the day post Bulls second Threepeat. He wasn't "wholesome" enough for the image of the team. When I saw that, I fell out of my seat and was relegated to the fact that they were not willing to do what it took to win; that the Shaq deal was not an isolated incident.
  12. they did talk of a plan to get more residential in the I-Drive corridor. It's a great idea with good results thus far. what a change. the Bainbridge project off Major Blvd for example...wow...
  13. So there was something I left out from earlier. Apparently, the way they used to do it before, was the networks could make a deal with the individual school as opposed to the conference (like with ND and NBC). But that changed. and the beauty of it was that The SEC created value when they went to a divisional playoff game. This, plus SOS and Gene Stallings at Bama and Fulmer at UT with Peyton and upstart years with UGA and decent years with Auburn gave a huge edge to The SEC with great squads in 1990, 1991, a national champ in Bama in '92, and late season contenders in '93, '94, an NC appearance by UF in '95, a NC by UF over fsU in '96, an NC appearance by UT in '97, the NC by UT in '98, late season contention by UF in '98 and '99 and '01. By '96, the SEC's push for prominence started the divisional trend in other conferences when they saw the $$$ that was being made and all the ancillary benefits as well. All of the SEC schools started making even more money across the board (like the B1G schools). Vandy, which sucks at football, makes more money than fsU makes. Actually, I mean just from football. Vandy's endowment even puts UF to shame. Imagine what it does to fsU. They could buy fsu several times over. It's so funny because the respect that Clemson has is way more than what fsU has. Clemson had so many CFP berths it's sick. fsU only had the one in 2014. That's an even deeper issue that fsU fans and admin won't even address: how does a 13-0 fsU not garner the respect that a 1-loss Clemson program does on any other year from, say 2015, to 2022? It's not the ACC; it's fsu, which is funny. Clemson has been a conference team since 1953 and won a NC in 1981; fsU has been in a conference since 1992 and finally won one in '93. Regarding academics, all those years in the ACC (31 years) did not help fsU get AAU status. 31 years. The whole time fsu's war chant was we're gonna be better in BB now! F*ck you. UF was already a member of the AAU years before fsU even joined the ACC. Fsu's 13-0 in 2023 was akin to UCF's undefeated season in 2017. I bet you that UCF squad would have beaten Fsu's 2023 squad. Fsu's brand isn't even as good as Washington's brand, from the Pacific Time Zone, and they couldn't best them in the rankings. Forget Bama and Texas; fsu's brand doesn't come close. Texas has more money than any of these guys. And Michigan...no comparison. fsu ran through a weak schedule and everybody knows it. Even Clemson was down. The Gators sucked. LSU started the season late. If fsu played them in October, they'd be toast. The CFP knew all of this. Even The ACC knew this...everyone knew except fsu, the entitled a55holes of college football. Seriously, I would rag on UCF in the G5 with all of their crying and aspirations for a 1 for 1 with UF, but, geez, 2023 pretty much shows the country that fsu was nothing more than a G5 team. Yeah...a G5 team...because only G5 teams go 13-0 and get shut out of a four team playoff. It's ain't the ACC, as Clemson has proved time and again; it's fsU. Everybody also knows that fsu ducked UF with Trask in 2020 with the excuse of not scheduling a non-conference game b/c of covid- YET THEY DID ANYWAY. They would have been drilled and they know it. UF had a powerful team in 2020 and fsU was trash. Respect. Fsu knows they don't got it no more. They had it in the '90's, but couldn't maintain it. They tried to maintain it with a cush conference schedule as long as they could. fsU is now a joke. The marquis team in the ACC clearly is Clemson. If fsu leaves the ACC and makes it into the B1G, for instance, they will not come close to being the marquis team there. They couldn't even be that in the ACC, what make them think they could in the B1G? They would have to contend with Michigan, Ohio St., Penn State, Wisconsin, and the new additions from the PAC, and like I stated earlier, fsU's 13-0 didn't amount to much compared to Washington's. Now add Washington to the B1G. It just keeps getting worse for fsu. If fsu goes to the Big12, they go to UCF's new conference. UCF. Fsu would be in the same conference as UCF. Wow. What a downgrade. Their best hope is to stay in the ACC and hope it's clout increases and try to best Clemson again. They won't make it in the SEC (See UGA and UF when UF is good). Fsu is pretty much done. This sh!t show in court versus the ACC won't end well. Why do they think another conference is drooling to have them join when they are suing the conference they are currently in? Because why, because the ACC made a bad deal but they assume the B1G will make a good deal so that fsU doesn't have to sue them too, or the SEC, or whomever? If fsu's brand is THAT good, then do what Notre Dame is doing. Good luck.
  14. those apartment infill projects near the Premium Outlets off of Oakridge...wow what a change. no more grass weed lot for overflow parking. now, that tract is almost fully developed. New hotel(s) there too. And the Artegon/ Deezerland apartment building "reclaiming" part of the surface lot which is unused...wow...fantastic densification on an unused parking lot section- soon to be two. I am very excited about that because there is nothing worse than going to a place, exiting, and gazing at an empty parking lot. I hate that; that feeling of desolation. It sucks. Now it's so much better...
  15. back to my prior rant... FSU was a copycat school of Miami, right up to the exodus into conferences by The Independents. ND stayed as an Independent. But Penn St, winner of the '82 and '86 National titles, conferenced up eventually for the 1994 season. Miami did for the 1991 season, along with Syracuse, VaTech, Pitt, BC, Rutgers, WVU, in the Big East. Once that happened, the SEC invited fsU and Saint Bobby rejected them. He opted for the cush ACC instead. That same year, The SEC innovated by opting for Arkansas and South Carolina instead, and created a CCG scenario. It was a success, a moneymaker, and helped the winner get a spot in the NC. Any conference could have done it, but no one did until 1996, when the Big 8 and SWC merged kind of. That game actually benefitted UF by allowing a rematch against fsU that yielded a 52-20 drubbing for the NC. Those schools I listed above conferenced up and most had stellar records over the prior five seasons- but they did it anyway. Fsu had Miami on its schedule anyways, so they didn't "need" to play in the Big East to play them. Nor did they need the SEC to play UF. So they opted for a cush conference schedule instead. Miami didn't...and Miami was playing for the title in 1991, 1992, and 1994, and then should have in 2000, did in 2001 and 2002. And they played in a conference where VaTech played for it in 1999. Who from the ACC ever played for it from 1992 to Clemson other than fsU? Nobody. So, in 1996, the SEC and Big12 both had a CCG. UF won the National title in 1996, Tennessee in 1998, and OU in 2000. Tennessee played for it in 1997. UF played for it in 1995. And UF would have played for it in 1993, 1994, 1998, and 1999, but not for losses or ties to fsU. What's my point? My point is that the SEC was ahead of the curve, and still is, and their strategy for college football influenced the Big12 by 1996, and the B1G a few years after that, and then eventually the ACC, where fsU was. The problem is that UF was a money maker for the SEC; so was LSU, Bama, Auburn, Tennessee, and then Texas A&M by 2012. Who was the moneymaker for the ACC? Clemson? So, what we have here is a team, fsU, that chose the ACC because it was cush schedule-wise. But, cush schedule-wise also means those teams are not big money makers. You make your bed and then you sleep in it. People don't realize that fsU was on its way down after Charlie Ward left. Kannell was good but not great, and Busby was worse, and, and, but for Weinke coming back from baseball to take over for the 1998, 1999, and 2000 seasons, they would have sucked, because his heir apparent was Chris Rix, who sucked. They all sucked in the 2000's until Crab Legs in 2013-14. Tell me I'm wrong. UF beat them 6 years in a row from 2004-2009. UF sucked in 2004. And, UF was on its way down when Meyer quit on the team in 2010. But Muschamp slaughtered them in Tally in 2012. But UF sucked in 2013, 14, and McElwain couldn't finish a season and lost in 2015, 16, and 2017. Mullen killed them in 2018 and 2019, and fsU ducked UF in 2020, and UF would have slaughtered them. UF beat them in 2021 with no HBC, but in 2022 and 2023 Napier decided to play the long game ala rebuilding, which allowed fsU to win those games and make Norvell look like a good coach. Why does that matter? Because here's why: Fsu are cry babies with a sense of entitlement. Burt ain't around anymore. Saint Bobby is long gone. Even Jimbo told them to take a hike in favor of Texas A&M money; made them look like punks, much like that QB that jumped for Deion's team ala NIL. When SOS left, he left for the NFL, and when he was available again, UF had hired Bernie as UF president, who was tight with Urban, who was all the rage. So UF went with Urban and SOS went to SoCar. Jimbo left fsU b/c they are usually in the red. If they weren't in the red, they wouldn't be crying like babies about the ACC. Because now, they see, that their Group of Five level 13-0 just don't mean much to The CFP. All this talk about the value of fsu football is bologna. If it really had value, they would have made The CFP...but it doesn't. And fsu fans are the ONLY fans out there that disagree. But fans, who have been paying attention to college football the past 40 years, see the truth. And it was evident in 2023. UF sucked the past three years, yet UF made head over heals more money than fsu could ever hope for. That's why fsU is pissed. Because when they suck, they have nothing to lean on- UF does. So fsU wants what UF has- they won't ever get it. The B1G may invite them, but I doubt it, because they don't need them; noone does. When fsU was an Independent, all they needed to do was to schedule an Oklahoma or Ohio St., or an LSU, or an Notre Dame, and if they beat them, they would rise in the polls and get that berth in the big money game, the national title game. And they didn't have to share the money with anybody. So, when fsU went to the Fiesta Bowl in 1989 and UF went to the lowly Freedom Bowl, fsU was the big winner, and the gloated about it. But now, they are the big losers, only having the mincing of words as their temporary brash chest thumping right up to the moment when they realize only the Big12 will take them if the leave the ACC. Why not sue ESPN for being cheap with their conference while their at it? F*ck you. You made your bed, sleep in it. It takes more than a major brickworks project to make a school good. Ask any B1G member institution. Shoot, ask USF, new members of the AAU. Man, even UCF has bested fsU with regards to a med school infrastructure. What is wrong with them? I cannot stand fsU for all of these reasons and so many more.
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