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  1. I don't think that's how it went. Certainly not what I remember. The Pistons offered up Rodman to the Magic in the summer of 92. The Pistons had just lost in round 1 in the playoffs, their team was getting old and the Rodman's surrogate daddy (Daly) had just left the team. They offered him to the Magic in exchange for Dennis Scott and filler, but the Magic had just drafted Shaq and thought since Rodman was so limited offensively that he would clog the lane with Shaq and they valued Scott's shooting more. This was before Rodman became the "worm" so it had nothing to do with his behavior. However, that same season is when Rodman parked in front of the Palace with a shotgun in his pickup and contemplated suicide. Instead, he went back to the Pistons, and he (and the team) were below average (although he still led the league in rebounds). He got shipped off to the Spurs the following year and that is where he started to become so "weird". The Spurs tired of him and shipped him to the Bulls to replace Horace Grant (who had left to join the Magic). The Bulls won the next 3 Finals and then Phil Jackson retired Jordan and Pippen left in free agency and they dumped Rodman and ate his contract. It's at this point (post Bulls 3-peat) you say the Magic should have picked him up, but by now no one really wanted him. He was getting old and was more distraction than he was worth. He ended up playing a couple months in LA that year then a few weeks in Dallas the following year, then he was relegated to celebrity games, overseas contracts and wrestling.
  2. You keep mentioning Rodman. What does he have to do with the Magic?
  3. They have a 25-game win improvement over the past 2 years. 2nd best behind OKC. You're right they won't make the finals (neither will 27 other teams), but relative to expectations this has been a highly successful season.
  4. Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts expansion on hold indefinitely The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts can't build its $175 million third phase until Orange County and the city of Orlando provide most of the funding. Phase three would add more indoor and outdoor entertainment and food venues. The arts center last year asked for $145 million in Orange County tourist development tax funds for the expansion... he county last fall said no to that request, instead committing TDT money to upgrades for the Orange County Convention Center, the University of Central Florida, Kia Center and Camping World Stadium instead. https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2024/04/01/dr-phillips-center-expansion-delay.html
  5. The Great Southern Food Hall update - The Community Paper (yourcommunitypaper.com)
  6. FWIW, several full-service restaurants have recently opened downtown. The Drake, Sushi Saint, Debonair Supper Club, Judson's Live and Solita if you go back a little longer. Coming soon, Schmankerl Stubn, Leiah, White Rabbit. Mason's Lobster is not full service, but it is a national brand. The market place does not seem to agree with the idea that no one will come downtown.
  7. TMG bought this building a few months ago so I assume it is one of their concepts.
  8. Randy Ross is also running against Patty, again. Sam Ings is running against Dyer, again.
  9. I've ran across several articles from other cities discussing their downtown parking lots. All the articles stem from a recent survey done by ParkingReform.org. This article says the average city of 1M+ has roughly 22% of the land in the city center used for parking. Orlando has 29%, same for Tampa. Miami 18%, NYC 1%, Boston 6%. Paved paradise: Map shows how much of downtown Tampa is parking lots | WFLA also, https://www.cltampa.com/news/a-third-of-downtown-tampa-is-parking-lots-city-planners-say-they-are-actively-trying-to-fix-that-16187293 survey here, Parking Lot Map - Parking Reform Network
  10. Orlando heat map for restaurants. The 13 Hottest Restaurants in Orlando Right Now (eater.com)
  11. That is still in the plans. Per GS, "includes a plan to add two residential towers totaling as many as 350 units". "The residential component is not part of the funding request" https://www.growthspotter.com/2023/06/16/residential-towers-part-of-master-plan-for-dr-phillips-center-for-the-performing-arts/
  12. Society "is set to be home to a 14,788-square-foot arcade and entertainment center." Would've thought this would be a natural for MEC, but since that doesn't exist, it lands here. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/2023/06/20/new-downtown-orlando-tower-lands-large-esports-center/
  13. I'll put this here since we do not have a DPAC Phase 3 thread. OBJ reports some specifics of the planned next phase (pending $145M funding request). Orlando Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts shares more on third phase of construction - Orlando Business Journal (bizjournals.com) Several interesting bits such as an outdoor performance auditorium for up to 7,000 people on the center's front lawn... see photos.
  14. Yeah, but how's your air quality tonight...? Sorry, just kidding- I talked to family up there tonight and they said smoke from the Canadian fires was terrible. Regardless, I concur, good things are happening in CT.
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