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  1. Honey, I did not move the goalpost. If you’re going to post with such disdain for another contributor to a forum, at least read what was suggested with an open mind. Anyway, this will be my last post on this forum anyway so you don’t have to bother with that.
  2. There are plenty of states and cities with comprehensive mass transit plans — MA, NY, NJ, DC, CA, OR, WA, VA, HI. And many others making somewhat of an effort. How about you tell me where FDOT is actively involved in bringing mass transit alternatives to FL’s metro areas. They are focused on building roads and endless sprawl, as that is a major economic engine for the state.
  3. FDOT prioritizes cars over mass transit alternatives, plain and simple.
  4. And what point are you trying to make? I asked what should be a simple question with a simple answer, considering you amongst others throw the word around so frequently.
  5. I’m well aware that Miami Beach is a separate city from Miami and that the residents have largely played a role into why the system has not been expanded to the beach. As for the rest, I don’t understand what you are talking about. Other than, perhaps, you are attempting to make some political statement.
  6. That seems to be the latest move in what has been a nearly half century long debate to get mass transit to Miami Beach.
  7. A “Dreamworks” land seems too broad — it would be like having a “Disney” land at Uni.
  8. Miami is still in Florida and suffers from a lot of the same draconian laws that prevent it from reaching its potential. The fact that there is no train to South Beach is indefensible.
  9. Certainly an upgrade from the KidsZone but not really the shot in the arm needed at the Studios park.
  10. prahaboheme


    The airport should be a superstation on a larger network. For starters - a train from OIA with a direct link to DTO and another to the attractions (I’m not suggesting Uni over Disney, in fact I like the idea that local BIG government doesn’t muddy their water with these companies who think they control it all). I like both the Gaylord and the OCCC locations. OIA to points south to Kissimmee. Not to mention points east. Too many private interests involved in Orlando that there will never be a fully fleshed out mass transit plan. Americans just don’t want to subsidize rail because they love the waste of the I4 ultimate type things instead. The irony being, you Floridians pay tooth and nail for it which means you don’t get your under-I park that was promised to you by your FDOT. Meanwhile, it appears that Acela is approved to expand to ruby red Richmond.
  11. https://www.growthspotter.com/2023/07/14/osceola-county-extends-deadline-for-neocity-development-deal-by-over-a-year/ A somewhat misleading headline as both Sciame and Kissimmee are refining the details of the master plan.
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