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  1. That was always the plan. Redo entire facade with punchouts to create windows.
  2. Permit for CSP II was last updated December 2023. The Foundations/Underground and Vertical Construction permits are currently listed as "On Hold" with payments due to release hold. They had said first half of this year, but I'm not getting my hopes up yet.
  3. Ok, I get it. It is still "Orlando sized" and that is somewhat disappointing. It is on a scale of a Sky-house, Modera, Society, and the Hotel at S+ED. Typical Orlando stuff, not a mega-block or tall project. I am just hoping we get CSP II - The Edge started soon. I actually really like that project (especially for Baker Barrios). Still nothing on that site.
  4. Only thing for me was they said they wanted to paint the intersections to draw more awareness to "Pedestrian Crossings". Because of this, I thought they would be painting crosswalks, not just a circle in the middle. I don't know how much of this highlights pedestrian activity, but they don't look bad, IMO.
  5. LOL, if you have been following this forum for 10 years, IAF (which I thought you had been), you could probably tell I don't bullcrap and things I share happen to be true more often than not.
  6. The Hines development plan I saw is not on the scale of the FAT Village megablock. It is a standard Orlando development of a large mid-rise mixed use apartment complex. It is not the Sentinel Property, but closer to Lake Eola and the DTO core. Renderings I saw looked a lot like half of a S+ED or CSPII. That said, my point was large-scale national developers with deep pockets ARE looking at DTO.
  7. Hines is based out of Texas and has major projects nationally and world-wide, including developments in Central Florida and one currently being planned for Downtown Orlando.
  8. This is part of what I was talking about with new Parking Garage/CONRAC Rental Car Facility, Bus Station, APM, and additional terminal additions. I have heard upward of $4 BILLION worth of potential work.
  9. They are ugly and don't match. They look awful on a cloudy/overcast day. They will be difficult to maintain. That dark grey/brown to match the other mullions/accents would have been much better. (actually, keeping it teal would have been much better. It worked and was kind of iconic after that much time as the cap of Orlando's tallest).
  10. Art² (art squared) is an outdoor community events space driven by technology to showcase Orlando's best artists and performers. Mind bending visuals on a massive LED screen, beautiful music playing on an EPIC sound system, delicious snacks & coffee within our cafe, rotating food trucks and merch. We included two food trucks in our design that will be open for lunch and dinner. There will be a cafe in the park serving breakfast bites and drink service to include Kombucha, sodas, coffee, tea and cold brew – with beer and wine served on event nights. Want to swing under the stars in a hammock while reading your favorite book?! We have a space carved out just for you. Our massive 19 ft x 10 ft LED video wall will be used for digital art, YouTube events, streaming music festivals and other events, gaming tournaments, and of course, movies nights. Details Massive 19 ft x 10 ft LED Video Wall and additional screens in cafe and structure Performance Stage Professional performance sound system Moving Lights Food Trucks Art Store and Merchandise Space Free Public Events Rent for Private Events Elevator Open, Ever-Changing Gallery Space Hammocks Wide Range of Craft Sodas, Coffee, Tea, Cold Brew with Beer & Wine for Events
  11. It's behind the Walmart where they already owned the land and used it for material staging during construction.
  12. Agreed, which is why many of us knew it was slated for the Cocoa curve. It is slowing down there anyway, so doesn't add as much time wasted for the stop. As for Stuart, that bridge is supposedly getting fixed, so I am not so sure that was the deciding factor on Stuart. The demographics and ridership probably was a large factor.
  13. They did today. Couple of Security guards managing the queue at the front door. They were only letting a few people in at a time.
  14. Many of us knew it was going to be at the Cocoa Curve behind the Wal-mart. For some reason I thought I had said this previously, but I can't remember. The bigger news was Stuart. I felt pretty confident the location would be in Stuart, not in Ft. Pierce, because of the economic factors.
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