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  1. Yea I'm annoyed with all the perks they've already gotten that the City's not getting more out of this for $2.5 million. This was unnecessary.
  2. They didn't always charge for it right? I swore it was free when the place opened.
  3. They do. Although its not free. I can't imagine living in one of those houses and having to struggle to park in front of my own home though. That said your comment brings up a point I argued with my friends on Friday who claimed Under I was a dumb idea and that there's a shortage of parking downtown. I was firmly in the "there's more than enough camp" but I was alone in the at feeling. Once I got to the bottom if it, I feel most people either subconsciously or not block out the parking structures in their mind in the pursuit of more convenient or cheaper parking options. After hounding them enough, they admitted there is parking, just not what they'd like.
  4. Which is kind of odd since their next closest store is a smaller format one already (Edgewater)
  5. I heard about that yesterday! Doesn't the Yard have a public parking garage? Also I heard demo is starting for Phase III
  6. It should have operated more like a traditional food hall. Not like a restaurant with 18 kitchens.
  7. Light Rail is kinda expensive vs BRT. Especially with electric buses. It hurts my wallet to see these construction project not get timed right and see newly constructed projects just get ripped out months later.
  8. Being at the Orange Code meeting yesterday, the boomers are ready to revolt about those townhomes.
  9. I don't know anything about them personally, but geez they're horrible team owners. Are they subscribing to the Major League Movie model of operating a major sports team? I know they're finally in the playoffs this year, but they're not gonna make it to the finals. I know there's a difference between Rich DeVos owning the team vs the heirs.
  10. You mean beside the land deals they got for the property and subsequent leaseback? Then sitting on the property for half a decade.
  11. I wonder if Rip Torn wondered what happened to his career when he agreed to do that movie.
  12. Tom Green is this guy who had a show on MTV in the late 90's that basically embarrassed the hell out of his parents for popularity. A true pioneer of his time when it comes to annoying YouTube/TikTok views. I think you mean Tim Green. Neither one of them you want developing blocks in the City.
  13. Yea hopefully. Aside from drainage needs, the also need room for the signal houses and the maintenance access. I wouldn't be surprised if they opt to go single track if they're looking for that tight of R/W.
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