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  1. WAJAS

    Under i

    I'd just like to point out that somehow Jacksonville is lapping Orlando here. They're building a new park under the Fuller Warren Bridge in Jacksonville, which was proposed after Under i. That park is opening this year. It's construction also started after that segment of I-4 Ultimate that Under i is under was complete. Best part! Jacksonville didn't end up switching half of the park to a parking lot years into the effort.
  2. I don't really agree that there should be a set of rules. Each situation is unique both in its details and in its context. Also, while at times annoying, I consider the ebb and flow of policy and enforcement between administrations an integral part of our government. The FTC has more authority on antitrust on the larger scale than the DOJ does by the way. The DOJ tends to more enforce policy that is developed by the FTC, rather than developing the policy themselves. Most of the time, the DOJ won't get involved because companies won't challenge the FTCs ruling.
  3. The way the government defines what a agreeable vs disagreeable monopoly is changes decade to decade and administration to administration. I wouldn't act like just because previous mergers of similar nature were allowed that this one must be, or vis versa.
  4. There's even only 1 geodesic dome terminal remaining. The other two were torn down for the new "real" terminal.
  5. WAJAS


    That route has been floated a few times during and before Sunrail. The more recent iteration went by the name "Orange Blossom Express." Orange Blossom Express - Wikipedia
  6. WAJAS


    Polk County residents have had meetings and surveys regarding it for the past couple years. Glad to see there's some motion on it.
  7. WAJAS

    Brightline Trains

    Their newest venture is a cruise line based out of Miami, but yeah don't see them as often.
  8. WAJAS

    Brightline Trains

    West leg is open up to NASA Parkway. East leg is pretty much dead without a restoration effort. I believe FEC is doing all the shunting for them now, so yeah.
  9. WAJAS

    Brightline Trains

    On the bright side, the west leg is back in service now. It's used for transporting boosters and other large parts for the new rockets, like SLS.
  10. WAJAS

    Brightline Trains

    There was a time when the rail through Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral SFS was being considered for Port Canaveral freight, but there was pushback as it'd be through access controlled areas. No idea what it's status is at this point.
  11. I'll push back a bit on the notion that all of the money went to California. A few 110 mph corridors, that are currently running, were funded through it, and some studies that are now allowing the current Infrastructure Bill's funds to go directly to design and build work. But yes, the majority of the funds ended up going to California's project.
  12. Airports have access to such huge pots of federal money that it'd be a waste to use TDT on it, but I'm an APM fan too
  13. Sunrail's platform height is different from Brightline's, which requires them to use different platforms. This is also why Trirail has their own platforms at MiamiCentral station in downtown Miami. Brightline's station is able to expand from 2 platforms (current) to 4 platforms. The large bridge and mound is to support the two additional tracks leading to the 2 additional platforms in the future. I asked this a while back. Apparently, its b/c adding that missing leg would result in a section of the terminal that is way newer than the rest (the bones of it). That means it would end up being demolished farther from end-of-life as the whole airside terminal would be demolished at the same time, including the older legs. It made more sense to simple construct more of the Terminal C than fully-build out Terminal A/B due to that lost 'cost' from the earlier demolition. Also, political will and grants were in an unusually good place when Terminal C was getting its funding together, so they wanted to grasp at the opportunity as it presented itself.
  14. WAJAS

    Brightline Trains

    There is a short bridge from Miami Central (Brightline and future Tri-Rail service) to Civic Center Station (Metromover, Metrobus, Metrorail). This is a direct building-to-building bridge, so no need to go down to ground level. There's also a free Uber/Lyft within some radius of the station to your final destination included in your Premium ticket. Free shuttles to the airports and cruise terminals along the route are also available for every passenger. That future Tri-Rail service to Miami Central is expected Fall 2023 with Tri-Rail Coastal Link, a new parallel Tri-Rail line closer to the coast and through more downtown areas throughout South Florida that will be operated by Brightline, joining it sometime around 2024/2025.
  15. Dude, I don't know how you expect people to discuss this with you when your being confrontational, avoiding questions, and playing dumb. I know what "I" think these words and phrases mean. I want to know what YOU think they mean. Not once did you define anything I just asked about. Do you know what these words mean? Are you insinuating "groomer" is gay lingo? Because it most certainly is not. Those you're supporting coined that term in the current context. My precious WDW? I don't think anyone has made an emotional argument for Disney here. If you were aware of the business, you'd know that the stock is down primarily because the streaming bet is not working out. The Parks, which is the division relocating, has done great. Ah ok, so you're against saying minors "should" be transexual. I wasn't aware of that happening anywhere, and none of the arguments from the State have shown that. Either way, if that's your main point, then you probably shouldn't agree with this law. It's exceptionally broad and does more than banning this. Oh wait, are you transphobic? What do you mean by "do not agree with transgenderism?"
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