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  1. UP FRONT Money. And thats the only way.
  2. The Dynatech building and the building where the movie theaters are are some of my favorite projects. I Love Church St., Plaza one and that's why I was highly anticipating the arrival of Church St., Plaza two. I think it's going to make Orlando versatile market in the future again as things continue to change. But we have to continue to strengthen decor around central city, and not just with big massive single functioning buildings
  3. in my opinion, there should be 40 story mixed used building with office residential and hotel and some kind of green space for now with an entertainment part on the bottom or the top of a parking garage or so. For now and that doesn't have to take up the entire property wait-and-see, how things shift in the market and in the city and then expand on the other side.
  4. it is their new concept kind of store. They have one in Ocala that I saw about a year ago and another one somewhere else in Central Florida. They are a lot smaller in footprint.
  5. Have an eye for it. Thanks
  6. Didnt know we were that close to Broward. We wont catch them but its very interesting.
  7. I had high hopes on this one, especially since they broke ground, but we have not seen any movement since 2023, which is unfortunate because I don't have any other reason to go to downtown Orlando
  8. It looks blackish today ? The Sun Trust building that is.. from today
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