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Nashville College & University Expansion


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MTSU's new science building is open for business.



The student services building was also opened last spring including a walk way to the new student union building. Inside the student services building is also a food pantry open to all students with need.



Here are some photos of MTSU and the city of Murfreesboro's new indoor tennis court arena currently under construction. The facility is located at Old Fort Park and will boast 8 new courts, lockerrooms, press, and concessions.







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On 12/12/2015 at 0:01 PM, smeagolsfree said:

I do not recall it this one was ever posted. I did a rare drive into Green Hills and saw this one under construction.

I had not included on the project list.

-McFarland Science Building


I just never thought anything about it or that anyone might have cared about it for it to be posted.  It's a great looking addition to the neighborhood just south of the Lipscomb's rather recently built School of Pharmacy and fronting Belmont Blvd at the beginning of the street that I live on. -==-

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Middle Tennessee Boulevard from Greenland Drive to East Main Street has begun construction. The street will be widened with new landscaping, planters, sidewalks, bike lanes, MTSU brick and mortar signage, and new aligned and signalized intersections. A new parking garage will begin construction later this year along with the project in the current Bell Street lot.

MTSU has released updated construction and expansion plans for the west side of campus including a new Lytle Street entrance, Performing Arts Center, new building for the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences, an expanded Floyd Stadium, and a new indoor football facility. Renovations are also taking place for Peck Hall, the James Union Building, and new street improvements in adjacent parking lots. In addition, the university plans to demolish the Womack Lane apartments for four new student housing developments, adding an additional 1,000 rooms.


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On 12/18/2015 at 0:16 PM, CenterHill said:

Looks very...Lipscomb-ish.  

..and so I better takes some more photos of my foundation and walls, before the blasting starts again.  That's the way it was with next-door McFarland and Hughes Cntr's.

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