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Informal review of site plan. Site plan and mass will be reviewed first then the architecture will be approved. Everything is preliminary and subject to change. But here is what is planned at this point:

14,200 st of commercial. 

Rooftop restaurant

244 apartments ranging from 550 to 1,400 st

305 parking spaces

10% of units will be set aside for Affordable Housing.

Building will be pulled back from corner to create public plaza at Rhett and Wardlaw. Will be 1/2 acre and include water feature and seating for all fresca dining and public gathering.

Pocket park will bike access at Acadamy and Wardlaw if SCDOT approves

Trying to get power line buried which is required for plaza to exist and still allow fire truck access

Would be 9 stories at peak 

Board comments were very positive generally but the sticking points will be the mass of it and the requisite demolition of 110 Wardlaw. That building is eligible for nomination to National Register.




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The current plan is to demo the additions to the McClaren building and the back part of the original building.  The front 30 feet of the building would be saved and moved closer to Academy. The history of the site would be displayed thru that building as well as in the Rhett Street plaza.  Also there would be quotations in the plaza and the Wardlaw sidewalk, similar to Poinsett Plaza on Main Street. The Wardlaw side of the garage  would have a 'metal mural' as well.  Basically the history of the site will be emphasized quite a bit.

Of course this is all subject to change and approvals. It will go before DRB in March.  

I like the direction they are going with this.

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 The property at 110 Wardlaw St., on which sits the former McClaren Medical Shelter built in 1940 that served the African American community for many years. Most recently it was used as an art studio.

The Renderings are somewhat preliminary. They mainly are to show scale and mass at this point. The materials that will be used were discussed.  


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1 minute ago, vicupstate said:

Wardlaw is the divider between this project and the Senior housing project at Academy and Markley.  

Cool. So maybe they’re both going before the DRB next month then. Either that or somebody put the signs up at the wrong place. Lol. 

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