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  1. There is more than residential there. Most of that development is commercial. It fits too me.
  2. Here these two go again. They should just move to another place.
  3. If humans can't go in and go up to different floors on an elevator, I hardly consider this a building.
  4. This I agree with you on. Lol
  5. That's right. Control what you can control, because that's all you have power over. If you don't like a place you can move. That's all you control. That's it. Nothing else.
  6. Again. Who cares? Please move to the city or town that makes you happy. You sound like you're miserable here. No one should stay in a place that makes them miserable. But wherever you go, there you are. Perhaps the issue isn't the place. Just saying.
  7. And Charleston has no competition. Asheville still isn't busier than GSP. And who the hell cares about such petty things? You need some real challenges.
  8. Charleston has no competition. GSP does.
  9. Although I'm no fan of the president. This is about the most ignorant post you've made to date. And this isn't the place for it.
  10. Well I hope you find what you're looking for. But I doubt you ever will. You see. Whenever you go, there you are.
  11. There is more pride in this area than any area I've seen. Just because people aren't constantly complaining doesn't mean that they have pride. Most people just have more important things to worry about and know how to be grateful. There are actually some people that have it worse. And guess what. Some of them work hard too.
  12. Yes you definitely should be grateful. You carry on like a kid that was raised in affluence whom has never seen a hard time. Sometimes I wish people could be dropped into true poverty and misfortune so they can learn to be humble and grateful.
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