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  1. As has already been pointed out, that would be impossible.
  2. That's news to me, although it wouldn't surprise me. North Carolina is turning into another Mississippi. The very things that made it so much more successful than other southern states are slowly being reversed.
  3. 9/8 acres at 100 Woodruff Industrial Ln. .20 acres at 315 S. Calhoun St. .27 acres at 220 Plantation Rd.
  4. Let your feelings be known at Unity Park on April 23. I plan to.
  5. That idea never made sense. The foundations of the garages would need major reinforcement to bear the additional load. Not sure how that could even be done, much less done with the garage still useable. I don't recall seeing or hearing of that even in much bigger cities. Even if it could be done, it would have to be expensive and there is still plenty of vacant land to build on that wouldn't require that expense.
  6. ^^ They are good and have many blends. They supply beans for a lot of places besides themselves too.
  7. Looks terrible. It is a bad start for a stretch of Pendleton that has a lot of potential too.
  8. Wow. What a tremendous under utilization of the site. Is the church doing this or are they selling to a developer?
  9. The ENTIRE revitalization of DT Greenville including the West End and beyond, which preceded 85% of the built environment that you see today, was started with ..... wait for it..... A road diet.
  10. One tenth of one percent higher than expected. Good thing some of you didn't live thru the '70's and '80's. You would have jumped off a building. Saudi Arabia cut back on production and raised the price of gas.
  11. The city owns comparatively few roads. Most roads are owned by the state or county. The law doesn't allow that anyway.
  12. Greenville using tourism taxes for affordable housing
  13. Just the course for now. Stall's comments lead me to believe there might be more later in this area.
  14. Greenville to annex Chanticleer Golf Course City Council unanimously gave initial approval March 25 to a request for annexation made by the Greenville Country Club. The Chanticleer course lies west of Augusta Street, east of Interstate 185 and southwest of Prisma Health Greenville Memorial Hospital. The decision on the 131 acres marks a “great first step” on the annexations the city anticipates in the area, City Councilman Russell Stall told The Post and Courier.
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