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  1. Article says "4 storey development" but I'll be darned if I don't count six.
  2. I just don't think Silver was the right fit; most people aren't going to take small prop planes with very limited times when there are better options. I wonder if they might do well at a place like FLO?
  3. Maybe because Greenville is a dying town where nothing ever happens and nothing gets built...or maybe because it is refreshing to have one place we can come to without having to be inundated with political talk?
  4. Anyone been there to walk around yet; the pictures look fantastic?
  5. Doesn't seem like a big deal to me; sounds like the board just wants to review all the plans at the same time; nothing wrong with that. https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/square-feet/gracie-plaza-site-plans-deferred-greenville-design-review-board/
  6. A lot of work to do; Laurens looks NOTHING like that!
  7. https://www.wyff4.com/article/south-carolina-gsp-announces-nonstop-daily-flights-nashville-southwest-airlines/60459234 Article about the SWA changes at GSP. SW will now serve 5 destinations from GSP. Total for the airport now will have directs to 26 airports in 23 cities.
  8. Good to have for those who will use it. I would never use it myself as its a lot of money for a driving distance destination. I mean you're talking about $300 round trip when you you can drive it in about 5 hours. But if someone wants to pay to fly there its good to have the service.
  9. Does that include the neighborhood or just the course itself? Any idea how many people that would be?
  10. Like I've said before; does it matter at the end of the day? No. But then there's no point of having a forum to discuss opinions if we're just going to take that approach with everything. Why a have a DRB or development codes or any of that if we're just going to say "whatever is fine as long as it gets built"? Certainly way better than a 27 year old rotting fence, but as long as we're building, why not make it as nice looking as possible? I agree with every word of this except your second sentence. Part of the reason I think it's worth nitpicking is exactly because it's been 27 years and this one of the most prominent spots in Greenville. Isn't the project worth a few extra details that would be minor in the grand scheme but have big impacts on how the building presents? Again; it wouldn't take much at all to tweak the massing a bit to break up the wall and box effect.
  11. So here are the massing renderings from Feb with similar views from the more detailed renderings this week: The newer details help a little (tiny bit), but the massing is still basically the same. It's a big wall. It's hard to make a wall look nice. As I said, it wouldn't take much to make it look way nicer; have a couple of step ins on the sides to break up the wall effect and put a penthouse on top or something to break up the roofline. I guess that little "fin" is an attempt to break it up but that ain't doing it. There is just no way to make a building that wide and that flat at the top look like anything other than a box. We already have too many boxes in Greenville IMO. I mean wouldn't it be really easy (and no real extra cost) to take about 6 floors off one of the corners and move those appts to the top of the middle of the building? Something like that would greatly reduce the boxiness of the building and give the "roofline" 3 layers of height... bingo, no more box. Heck, that would also give Greenville a new tallest. I can't be that difficult to make it look decent.
  12. Come on now, they gotta add 8 inches to this thing... 299 ft 4 inches... really? So when do the attractive decorative renderings come out?
  13. I had completely forgotten about this. Looking back, I much prefer the first concept over the latest. I notice the old concept for Gracie Plaza (Gateway site) is still on their portfolio as well; so maybe that whole site is out of date?
  14. Overall I like it too. Looks like 111 ft from the sidewalk level.
  15. https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/square-feet/2b-on-the-trail-gvl-development-moves-ahead-as-environmental-cleanup-continues/ Just more info and renderings on this. I can't fathom how the city isn't insistent that this be annexed. I know it is not quite adjacent but it's not far from the current city limits. There has to be a way to get this into the city limits; whether through finger annexation or something else. It would be an enormous miss on many fronts, and would probably be harder to do later after the development and residential.
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