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5 hours ago, chris holman said:

Styx is already fading in the wood look dull and there are weeds growing around it,  should have been a water feature  built there

I'm pretty sure the powers that be ruled a water feature out, as the info given at the time was that water was not available at the site and would be prohibitive.  We've seen on this board that this is not the case, I can only suppose that they felt a water feature would be an attractive nuisance to homeless people and partying drunks.  Since we couldn't have a water feature or a colossal neoclassical bronze, I would have preferred a light sculpture of some kind, like some cheap-a$$ version of the $17,000,000 giant morphing faces in Millennium Park in Chicago.  Any kind of light feature would look awesome there at night, even just some sort of monoliths with images projected on them.





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21 minutes ago, japan said:

Speaking of water features, is the plan to add water to the nude roundabout still on tap?

Yeah...I'd love to know, too.  Hasn't been much word since this was announced last February.  Noticed they had a GoFundMe set up for it in September...but I don't know how that went.


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There have been efforts to add public art to some of our greenway trails. A pair of murals entitled "Bridging Two Rivers" were painted in 2016 on the outer ends of a tunnel along Stones River Greenway as it approaches the majestic pedestrian bridge over to the Shelby Bottoms Greenway.


A sculpture that doubles as a firepit is located on the Shelby Bottoms Greenway on the opposite end of that beautiful bridge. (I believe the Parks Department has some restrictions on when/how/who can build a fire-I attended a community event when the firepit was used to make s'mores as part of a fundraising drive.)




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