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Great photo, GvilleSC! :shades: This is going to be yet another cool project in the West End / Augusta Street area. :yahoo: I guess it's not 5 stories after all. :lol:


It will definitely help make it more urban in the West End and add to the character that already exists.

It looks like it won't come all the way to the side street, although it's hard to tell from the rendering and the photo. Can anyone confirm this?

I definitely like what I see! 2007 is going to be VERY exciting if everything goes as planned! :yahoo:

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Here's some pictures of the perspective rendering and also the Elevation. It's going to be 4 condos on each floor over the street level which will be commercial. And there is parking beneath that level accessed form the backside in the parking lot. Should be a sweet project to work on.



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Talked with my friend a bit ago....he called PHC about Brick Street and was a little disappointed. While the prices are reasonable (starting at 205,000), the units are fairly small. The building will have 8 units. All units will be 900 sq. feet. Much smaller than his need. Would be great if a developer would look at some larger sized spaces for downtown....1,800 to 2,200 sq. ft.

Brick Street will be a great development, just small spaces.

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