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  1. An official Lego store in Greenville would be nice. County Square would be a good option, if not somewhere on Main Street.
  2. goodbye


    Greetings everyone. Looking at the raw population growth data (very strong, even explosive), Greenville (UA, MSA, & CSA) will certainly continue to see exciting new development announcements, and the region will face increasing growth pains. Leaders in all sectors need to be prepared and aware that the area is growing and will continue to change -- for better and/or worse. Regarding the higher cost of construction, hopefully this article proves true: “But I think we’re approaching a tipping point where cost increases will plateau,” Jacobs says. “Supply chain issues have largely been worked out and GCs and subcontractors are looking for work which will affect estimating in a positive direction going forward.” Source
  3. Enjoy this performance of Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 2 as performed by the Greenville Symphony Orchestra in Peace Concert Hall, April, 2023. This was our beloved Maestro Edvard Tchivhel's final season as Music Director (he will assume an emeritus role). The orchestra's growth and achievement under his leadership were nothing less than spectacular. Greenville has been truly blessed by his top-notch efforts.
  4. Here is another introduction to the new Greenville Development Code: https://simplecivicsgreenvillecounty.org/exploring-the-new-greenville-development-code-understanding-how-it-will-impact-your-community-neighborhood-and-greenville/
  5. Quite a lot of exciting proposals with substantial residential units. I would not exclude the Grace Church residential tower concept or the larger West McBee Ave. proposal (on the former Agfa block). We may eventually see speculation regarding the Greenlink terminal block as well...
  6. 'The Greenville News' is absolutely HORRIBLE in my opinion. Sadly very poor quality overall. Add this to their lack of accurate community reflection... They misspelled the well-known name "Rick Erwin" multiple times in a piece about his latest local restaurant. I will NOT support this organization financially until they clean up and grow up. They are an embarrassment.
  7. LOVING the aerial photos @gman430 ! Please enjoy this musical "postcard" produced by local artists...
  8. Very nice aerial photos gman430. Here is a photo from Caesars Head State Park yesterday. View more photos here.
  9. What is under construction next to the Publix near Furman University? It appears to be large enough for another grocery store, but Publix is already in the same shopping center.
  10. How can anyone be certain this development proposal is "dead" only two months after the posted news articles mentioned several infrastructural and design details were still being worked on?
  11. I am excited to support Pizzeria Fiamma when they open for business in the West End.
  12. Sad to see the grain building(s) gone. Especially after seeing the successful revitalization of The Silos in Easley. They created The Grainyard, which would have been a nice idea in this part of Spartanburg as well (it is a railroad-themed version of Gather GVL.
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