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  1. When I said Duke's was sold to a company in VA what I was really saying was that CF Saur was sold. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/falfurrias-capital-partners-the-cf-sauer-company-set-acquisition-300872647.html
  2. There is a lot of stuff that they need to stick in the ground while they are pushing that dirt around.
  3. Didn't Duke's get sold to a company in VA?
  4. What project is only getting their funds from the city?
  5. I'm sorry but you are, just because you have millions in capital doesn't mean a project is going to happen unless you are planning to develop all cash and no one is doing that on anything of scale. Development is not a charity, every dollar regardless of its source is expecting a return. All sources of funds, not just debt, have gotten more expensive. But the interest rates are not the only hurdles to clear.
  6. The rules change each year so this could next time around, but for the most part that is correct. This last year they actually split the rules for large counties and small counties and made the requirements looser for small counties. With that being said Greenville probably get its too projects every year where Allendale probably sees a project every couple of years. This last year they also had bonus points for being in a county that hadn't recently won an award and for last few years bonus points for opportunity zone sites. great. 147 units would not be LIHTC, too many units, be interested to know if it is part of a program at all. If not it may not always remain affordable.
  7. is most cases they have no choice but to wait, you can't build with out money. Plenty of projects the issue is the cost of the debt, it is that their is no debt to be had, or it comes with strings attached and requirements that are not acceptable. That is the thing, of then they are also risking millions of others peoples money. Being irresponsible with others peoples money is a good way to not have access to it in the future.
  8. I mean even if you have money it still sucks having to pay more for everything.
  9. Most affordable projects go through various state programs such as LIHTC and are competitively awarded. Projects score points based on a certain set up guidelines that are set each year. Often the locations where cities and counties want to steer affordable don't actually score well with the state. Further once projects are scored they limit the number that can be awarded in any given county. If the top three scoring projects are all in Greenville County they may award project 1 and 2 but skip three and go on to 4. There are a limited number of projects and they will not all get awarded. Because they guidelines change every year a site may have a better chance in winning the next year or it might not even qualify at all. I am not as familiar with the other programs but I am sure there is some overlap in the process.
  10. I didn't say that. You and I have discussed this before. But a lot of these "proposals" you'd never even know about if the process to make them a reality hadn't become so public. There is so many steps to the planning and due diligence in these projects before a developer ever can possibly know if they are actually possible. Some of those steps are really expensive and do not make sense to spend money on until after steps involving planning and zoning and issues that cause the project to be known to the public. Also, you need to keep in mind that there is much more going on hampering the financing of projects than just interest rates. You could have a project that pencils right now and makes financial sense at today's rates and still not be able to secure financing. Lenders are being very cautious and and putting requirements in place that might not be achievable or might be distasteful to the borrow or their investors. Further their a asset types they just wont touch right now.
  11. many of these developers are just are annoyed as you are. they want to build their projects but the capital markets and economics keep putting hurtles in their way.
  12. This is about artist who are no longer the draw they thought they were booking too large of venues and charging to much for tickets. Black Keys have already announced they will be doing a smaller tour with theaters and clubs.
  13. I just flew AA to Las Vegas and back and it was much cheaper to fly through DFW instead of Charlotte and I found out why. Just one flight a day, I almost missed my connection on the return and had I they told me it would be the next evening or the day after that before they could get me on another flight has everything full and their was waiting lists for all flights to Charlotte. Luckily weather also delayed my connection and it was not an issue.
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