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The Purpose Hotel, 17 stories, 200-300 rooms, downtown location TBA, 2022 completion


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The Purpose Hotel, a brainchild of Nashville-based celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart, seems to be moving forward.  A rendering has been released of a 17 story tower that would, according to a 2016 article, feature 200-300 rooms with an $80 to 150 million price tag.  A still undisclosed site for the boutique hotel in downtown Nashville has been chosen, and will be announced soon.

Coward has enlisted Atlanta-based WP Hospitality Group to manage the development, and Hastings Architecture is on board as the designer. 

Some of the unique aspects of the hotel will be that every room booking will help support a different needy child in the developing world through a sponsorship agency.  Info on each child will be featured in each room. Linens will be sewn by survivors of human trafficking. Art throughout the hotel will feature humanitarian artists. Ethnically sourced coffee in each room. Furniture created by people in need. Internet fees fight human trafficking. Inspiring social films will be featured on some TV channels in each room, as well as curated books with themes about compassion and justice. Soaps and shampoos handmade by women survivors of addiction, violence, and extreme poverty. The lobby will feature a working well for guests to experience sustainable water work.

Cowart initially launched the concept via a Kickstarter campaign, and raised nearly a million dollars to help fund designs, etc. 

More at The Nashville Post here:


Hotel website:


Kickstarter campaign site:


Original Tennessean article from 2016:





Purpose Hotel, April 24, 2019, render 1.png

Purpose Hotel, April 24, 2019, render 2.png

Purpose Hotel, April 24, 2019, render 3.png

Purpose Hotel, April 24, 2019, render 4.png

Purpose Hotel, April 24, 2019, render 5.png

Purpose Hotel, April 24, 2019, render 6.png

Purpose Hotel, April 24, 2019, render 7.png

Purpose Hotel, April 24, 2019, render 8.png

Purpose Hotel, April 24, 2019, render 9.png

Purpose Hotel, April 24, 2019, render 10.png

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My guess is the triangle bounded by NW corner of Lea, 7th Avenue and Lafayette or the SE corner of 6th Avenue and Lafayette. Really sticking my neck out on that one.  :tw_smirk: Those are the only triangular shaped lots downtown I can find big enough to hold a building that size . 

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We gave money to the Kickstarter campaign back in ‘15 or ‘16, but knowing how big league hotel development is I didn’t actually think it would happen. I’m super pleased it’s moved so far, and can’t wait to see it finally get built. I hope this idea spreads to other cities, i would be happy to patronize hotels like it. 

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I heard Jeremy speak at Crosspoint Church, where my wife and I go, last year surrounding this idea and gave to the kickstarter as well.  It was truly one of the most engaging, thougtful, emotional speeches I have ever heard.  He has a gift for speaking and getting people to follow him and help.  I hope this project comes together.

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