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The Sierra Club is really getting their panties in a twist about losing a few trees in an urban park.  It's still staying a park, folks!  I would bet that all the new plantings in Kanawha Plaza more than offset any tree loss in Monroe Park. 

If they're really so worked up about losing a few trees, I bet they could spend use their energy and plant enough trees in one afternoon to offset their loss.  

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It seems like alot of the opposition to the park design is about the process and avoiding  public participation involvement when tree cutting was decided. Trees were probably cut down for lots of reasons (rooting in underground utilities, cracked pavements, dead/diseased, etc.). What I find a bit frustrating about the park design is that there really isn't space to throw a frisbee/football without crossing a pathway and potentially hitting someone walking across the park. Sure, there are organized sports fields at VCU, but a large, common green area typical of college campuses isn't.

That being said, I do hope the park is used more frequently when the construction is complete.

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Pics I took earlier this week at the Farmers Market project....not much progress and I totally understand the frustration of the businesses. There may be a good reason, but not sure why everything was torn out if they weren’t ready to proceed further. There was one section that had been dug a little deeper and there are some exposed pilings. I am not sure if these are from the most recent structures or if they date to an earlier time. Up close, they look pretty old, but I am not sure.




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11 hours ago, wrldcoupe4 said:

A rhetorical question and a real one ...

Why is the city so inept at so many things?

Is this something that is supposed to be cared for by Venture Richmond? 

It's managed by Enrichmond, believe it or not.  What's crazier is that the reason there are no food trucks there is that Enrichmond charges food trucks exorbitant rates to park there, so none of them come so the park doesn't get used for its intended purpose.  

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I'll be honest, I've never been a fan of the plaza. Plazas in central business districts just don't work and are under utilized. Why have events at Kanawha when Browns Island is so close and there is zero residential around it to make it a useful park, so it just sits empty most of the time. 

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I honestly belive that the people tasked with keeping the parks nice don’t know the difference between weeds and shrubbery and bedding plants.   No one seems to know how to mabtain the trees either.  


The state is just as bad.  The planters outside of the Library of Virginia have been full of weeds (and nothing else) for 20 years.  Those drainage things around the Capitol are full of weeds and litter.  The planters outside of the state Supreme Court have never had any flowers in them.  

Norfolk puts Richmond to shame in this regard. 

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