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  1. The company (also a developer) leasing the lot is highly incentivized to have the lease renew because they don’t have enough parking on their site to serve their building (from a market perception perspective - not trying to get into a philosophical discussion about parking in urban neighborhoods). Losing the parking will negatively affect their ability to lease their building. I don’t actually think this is a situation of someone just trying to get a payout. Landlords can decide to not renew a tenant, but not if the tenant has a renewal option(s) they can exercise. Sounds like a poorly worded contract provision that is being argued over in court. The developer bought the property 6 years ago, so I wouldn’t say they are exactly in a rush.
  2. They are putting the facade on now.
  3. Not surprising as we will have a new administration come the election.
  4. Were the original streetcar lines a private endeavor?
  5. Can you guys do me a favor and just assume we start October 10 so that you aren’t stressed when summer rolls around and they haven’t started yet? Nothing ever starts on time around here lol, just save the stress.
  6. Legend Brewing site has hit the market
  7. New office building at westhampton. Libbie and Patterson
  8. Inspired by a recent Bizsense comment, this could be the proposed site of a museum (which never gets built) for all the renderings of things which never get built in Richmond.
  9. This is really great to see TOD being maxed out.
  10. Probably just sharing what they had proposed for the project. I don’t think it is an indication of anything new.
  11. lol don’t get me wrong I love string beans. It was just random and gave me a chuckle.
  12. GRP shared an interesting stat on social media. Since 2020, nearly half of all population growth for Virginia is in the Richmond region. That translates to 3.1% estimated growth. By comparison to closest regions: Cville: 2.5% Nova: 1.2% Hampton Roads: 0.2%
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