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  1. This sucker is taking forever to get demolished!
  2. RIC could always “delay” the opening of the FIS until there is an airline that will use it for international flights. I have no idea when in April it’s supposed to open, but if there is no international service, what’s the point in announcing the opening of the FIS?
  3. Sweet! So glad things worked out. I’m also glad to see very competitive prices out of RIC! That will go a long way to keeping people coming to RIC instead of the DC airports! Thanks for sharing!
  4. More plane spotting captured by a friend a couple days ago at RIC (just posted). You can tell that air traffic at the airport is picking up as we draw closer to the summer months. This video has a lot of cool footage. Hope you enjoy (I happen to love these videos)!
  5. Next up: hopefully, Mosby and Gilpin Courts, no? Couldn’t remember if these neighborhoods were going to get the same treatment.
  6. Not RIC related, but just so you know - ORF just got a new route on Frontier Airlines to Philadelphia. How many is that now this year compared to RIC’s…what…2 new routes? Geez…. https://www.13newsnow.com/article/news/local/mycity/norfolk/frontier-airlines-new-non-stop-flights-norfolk-to-philadelphia-this-summer/291-c15a68b5-26d9-4971-a300-ca67a052b12b?fbclid=IwAR0lGvBF16uUlOCixAQ5oXU286zQiCBCmboK3pae1RPVvF5YBtkKzzW2N2E_aem_AfBvtHxEPvFTWpjuRFSWeybJVCpPGcHGyhQWJ3A0z9GHD8ucdmROKeVg2SsJG-w3ur8#lultxztjqfixa35ggl
  7. Not exactly sure how $750K helps do this, but a grant awarded to GRTC and Richmond will help plan for TOD zoning on Chamberlayne Ave as part of the N-S Pulse route. Read more here: https://ridegrtc.com/news-initiatives/press-releases/grtc-and-city-of-richmond-awarded-750000-for-north-south-pulse-transit-orie
  8. To add to that good news, I just saw where frequency on Delta between RIC-DTW will increase. The big deal is that one of the flights will be an A-319 - a mainline aircraft much larger with more capacity than the CRJs! This is actually the first time I’ve seen anything larger than a CRJ serving this route…at least that I can remember. This is GREAT news! DCI = Delta Connection Incorporated
  9. Awesome! You did a good job! The other guy seemed to just be a NIMBY…scared of any change. Nice to be able also put a name with a face!
  10. Check out this document. Found this which contains mostly redacted pages, but there are some pages that are not redacted. Starting on page 63 through the end, are a bunch of renderings we’ve never seen before: https://www.wric.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/74/2024/03/Responsive-Document-Schematic-Design-Baseball-Stadium-1.pdf
  11. Fence is up! Nice pic! Thanks!
  12. The RTD posted a copy of their front page a day ago on Facebook and I just learned what it says in the highlighted area below - that groundbreaking for the new baseball stadium won’t be until EARLY SUMMER. Seems a little late to me, but okay,,,,,
  13. Those were my thoughts EXACTLY! This guy created a big stink over the Avery Hall development only to sell anyway - what a complete goober! I hope Avery Hall now modifies its design so as not to accommodate for Legend and their baffoonery!
  14. Well, they probably were - this video was just a portion of the day (maybe a couple hours or so). It just so happened that Breeze was not taking off or landing during the recorded times.
  15. We’re going to need those crane parts right here in Richmond!!…’Cause Richmond is still on the rise!
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