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  1. I come back to UP to find this crap? Quarantine getting to folks I guess. PS - bring back the "disagree" / "down vote" reaction please.
  2. I am curious about your sources on this... this article says the exact opposite... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronavirus-pandemic-us-california-michigan-illinois-fatal-car-crashes/ unless it's the other 24 states that CBS did not reach out to.
  3. right, either party can try to spin it anyway they want (and they do - as the simple illustration with the 2 articles shows), every single one of them is a scumbag, some just wear more perfume.
  4. That's a difficult thing to predict. If new cases were to peak sometime this week, I can see him getting away with "re-opening by Easter". That is a BIG "if". On the other hand there is a lot of people that are actually suffering from the consequences already, the longer this drags on the bigger the after shocks will last, so I can see why he is eager to re-open, but wishful thinking is not going to make the virus disappear
  5. I am not affiliated with any political party for many reasons. Here is another example why I will remain unaffiliated for the foreseeable future: 2 articles on the same subject: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/23/opinion/coronavirus-bailout-mcconnell-congress.html https://nypost.com/2020/03/23/republicans-want-a-lifeline-democrats-want-to-remake-the-country/ The NY Post one actually might be closer to reality, but when you have a chasm that large, hard to get a result that wont be full of pet projects.
  6. Both gold rush trolley and Phase 1 had one thing in common, they were free to the user. It changes the dynamic drastically when you make it a real revenue service.
  7. I would say the one thing that will make our streetcar useful (in addition to your points above) is to lock down the lanes to car traffic where there are multiple lanes lock one lane, otherwise just lock it down completely like San Fran's market street is... https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/market-street-san-francisco-car-free-now/index.html At least within the I-277/I-77 loop?! (it is 1.5 miles from McDowell St to I-77, surely we can do that? 1 mile from McDovell to Graham St.) If you have not seen people's parking skills block the trolley for 30-45 minutes in Elizabeth, that is a sight to behold.
  8. Hey now! We need the info out in the open
  9. Let us un-torture this data... Where do we begin: RAIL Magazine uses $26.3 million for the construction of Phase 1 CATS says it cost $36.99 million In July 2010, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) awarded the City of Charlotte $24.99 million from the Urban Circulator Grant to construct the first operational segment of the project. The remaining $12 million came from City funds including a Pay-As-You-Go and debt service. https://charlottenc.gov/cats/transit-planning/gold-line/Pages/phase-one.aspx That makes all their numbers suspect... we are more expensive than Dallas per mile we are more expensive than Kansas City per rider It gets more fun when you take the cost of Phase 1 + 2 together $36.99 mill + $150 mill = $186.99 million for 4 miles of streetcar $46.75 million per mile that will make as 12th on the list between KC and Tucson Lastly, funny to use any ridership numbers for Charlotte as the streetcar has now been fully suspended for almost 9 months, but they needed to tell a story.
  10. There is now confirmation that Brighthouse Financial sent everyone home today. Someone is being tested for COVID-19 from their Charlotte office. The hysteria is really not helpful, but that is all I see happening.
  11. Well, it is possible that there is some truth to this rumor, I do not normally associate Nashville with Central USA but according to this article (with a source) Nashville is on the list https://www.axios.com/tesla-weighs-nashville-for-new-vehicle-factory-7fcdb7be-5ccb-4008-9793-3e98b767d58d.html
  12. I mean it would be awesome to get it, but Musk himself stated that they are looking Central USA, we are most definitely not Central in any way I think of. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1237531699681980416
  13. I finally got it, they want the grand re-opening to be on the 100yr anniversary of the original Carolina Theater opening. You all can relax, this speed is intentional!
  14. You must have missed a few years here? Arguably, we even lost a governor to the toll lanes ...
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