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Is there also an American flag atop First National? I ask, becacuse the flag issue has been a big deal here in Lansing. Recently, during a parade Mexican-American mayor Tony Benavides allowed a Mexican flag to fly above an American flag and got an earful for it. There has also been a whole lot of controversy for Granholm asking the flags to be lowered when a solider dies, here, many arguing there are very few times when this is supposed to happen, and a soldiers death is not one of them (and this is conservative of all people, lol).

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I'm torn on the issue of the flag lowering. I'm surprised actually at Granholm with this one--that she's expressing some sort of opinion--I take it she opposes the war? While I truly believe the contributions the soldiers are making in giving their lives should be honored (I'll leave my own feelings about whether or not I feel it's worth it out of this) I recognize that the flag is--I'm not exactly sure--supposed to be lowered for national, state or city-wide figures deaths. If Kilpatrick died tomorrow then that would necessitate the flag's lowering, but something like the soldiers...? I'm not sure. For one it's too often I think since they're dying at a rate of (in the month of October 14, 2005) 2.53 per day. I feel it more appropriate to have a kind of roll call on the veteran's holidays and the ceremonies that surround something like that. And while I think there needs to be much more recognition of their sacrifices and a lot more than a magnet on the back of Mom's minivan stating the vague and noncommital "Support Our Troops" I don't think the flag lowering is necessarily appropriate.

Okay I'm done now,


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The Michigan flag is the only flag on top of the building, so I'm not sure how it could cause any concern. If both flags were up there, it would be an issue. There is also no American flag on top of the union, just the Michigan flag.

And to think Michigan has a reputation of being arrogant. ^_^

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The state of Alabama has gotten in a lot of trouble over the years for what's seen as their flagrant disrespect for the rest of the country, like flying their flag over the American one. Or the whole ten commandments thing. But South Carolina I think is the only one that tried to fly the confederate flag over the capitol building. *Sigh* The South...


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I love your photo of the Michigan Theater -- amazing. I work for a group at UM called Life Sciences & Society and we're hosting a showing of What the Bleep at the Michigan this coming weekend. So synchronistic to find your photo today with the film already up on the marquee!

Can we get permission to use this photo for our publicity? Our website: http://www.lss.sph.umich.edu/

۞~} Lisa {~۞


Lisa Marshall Bashert Department of Epidemiology

734-615-9455 Life Sciences & Society

[email protected] 611 Church St, Rm 252


"All are caught in an inescapable network

of mutuality. Whatever affects one,

affects all indirectly."

--Martin Luther King, Jr

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An Amtrak train pulls past the former railroad depot, now a ritzy restaurant called the Gandy Dancer. The "new" Amtrak station is a half-mile back of the train.

Great picture. When I was a student at the U, the Gandy Dancer was one of the few nice restaurants in town. How times have changed.

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