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Ann Arbor Photo of the Day


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Yeah, but see, you aren't up at the architecture school all day on weekdays, so you get to go in when it's open. Lucky ass. Nice pano tho. I think I'm going to peace out of studio today for an hour and half to get this picture. My instructor never seems to notice when I disappear and reappear again as long as you do it at the right time.

EDIT: It's amazing how downtown looks dwarfed in building height. The buildings seem so much higher when you are driving down main. It must be the geography or something. You can hardly see the first National building.

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Thanks, Aaron!

There is another dangerous view that's great. It's going south on 23 where it curces to go west. Looking down Main Street exit, because of the hills, it looks huge. I passed by once on a foggy morning and it was awesome; a rare view in Michigan since very few skyline views are from hills because of the relatively flas topography of the state.

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I hang out at the SAE house up in East Lansing all the time and its a hole compared to UM's. That mudbowl sure does look fun though.

They are right across the street from my fraternity. We can always here the sound of stuff be broken (usually glass). So I'm wondering what the interior condition of that house is like.

Michi, I feel really bad that you have to look at all this maize and blue, so for a treat, I'll post a picture from E. Lansing in this thread. :P

Big Ten Burrito of E. Lansing

Oh but wait, if you think this is totally an MSU thing, oh hell no. BTB was founded by a U of M student on State Street in Ann Arbor. The franchise was extended to E. Lansing and the new interior was designed by an Ann Arbor firm which one of its architects happens to be my professor.

But yeah, it's across from the MSU campus. Hope that kind of helps.


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