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  1. I'm not sure what the status of the Gallery project is. I know they are looking for a joint venture equity partner. (The cynical way to put this would be that they don't have the money)
  2. Awesome tour. Can't wait to see more development in Midtown and hope to see Greektown start to rise in the coming months.
  3. I believe the city does own it as it was used as the downtown staging area for the Metro Bus service before the new Transit Center opened. It was my understanding that one selling point of the transit center was freeing up the Michigan and Rose lot for development. Tracer, I also saw signs for an ice rink although this map for the Holly Jolly Trolley seems to point to a rink near Eleanor & Westnedge. For those of you not familiar with the awesome ridiculousness of the Holly Jolly Trolley:
  4. Greenleaf projects off the top of my head: The New Radisson Plaza Hotel at Kalamazoo Center DeVisser Place Miller-Canfield Office Building (South & Rose) Renovation of 211 S. Rose St. to Become Greenleaf Building (The construction trailers are for the Miller-Canfield Building next door. More information and better pictures of the Greenleaf Building can be found at architect Eckert-Wordell's website. But the most interesting piece of news regarding Greenleaf recently is the fact that they just acquired the Michigan K-Wings along with entire Wings Stadium complex from the Parfet family for $9.6 million. This is good news because the city of Kalamazoo and DKI have been hoping to build a new arena downtown for some time now. With Greenleaf, the new king of downtown development, controlling the city's most viable minor league franchise, the odds of an arena being built in the downtown area in the next few years have increased exponentially.
  5. A few shots of the new DeVisser Place development on the mall in downtown Kalamazoo. The building historically replicates the the original structure and really compliments the vintage buildings in the area. Gazelle Sports, which had been the previous ground floor tenant and has been leasing the former Walgreen's space across the street during construction, will continue to occupy the first floor. The 2nd and 3rd floors will house office space and 7 apartments. Like just about every major downtown development, this is being driving by Bill Johnston's Greenleaf Holdings. Check out http://www.devisserplace.com/ for more information. Also, I took a number of photos downtown over the holidays and will try and post them here with some regularity, check back for updates.
  6. The Chase Bank Building (originally the Peoples State Building I believe) is definitely one of my favorite skyscrapers in a town of less than 75,000 people. Few others of that size and grandeur even exist in towns of that size.
  7. The Haymarket Building at 161 W. Michigan Ave. as seen today. The building was built in 1906 to house the Edwards & Chamberlin Hardware Store. It later was home to Sears and Roebuck and then the Super Bargain Center (As seen below, notice the cornice). The building was renovated and restored in the 1990's and currently houses the popular Food Dance Cafe on the ground floor and five floors of office space. Historic photos compliments of the Portage District Library via Michigan State University's Making of Modern Michigan photo collection.
  8. Excellent photo tour. You have no idea how much it means to those of us that no longer live in the area to see updated photos of progress. Thank you.
  9. I believe there are windows in the elevators of the Ren Cen and in Compuware as well.
  10. Here's a rendering of the what the new School of Public Health building is supposed to look like: http://www.plantext.bf.umich.edu/plantext/.../SPH/index.html I'd be interested to see a photo of the full building as I assume the exterior is nearing completion.
  11. That's going to be a beautiful building. Thanks for pics.
  12. I realize you guys still in school probably have exams but if someone gets a chance, I'd love to see some updated pictures of construction projects on campus. Specifically, the Biomedical Science Research building at Huron and Glen, the ugly building at Thayer and Washington, anything in the Palmer Drive Development, the School of Public Policy building at Hill and State, and the addition to the Perry Building on Madison between Packard and Fifth. Any other new construction additions, expansions or renovations pictures would be appreciated. For those of you that aren't familiar with these projects, more can be read on them here: http://www.plantext.bf.umich.edu/plantext/projects.html Also, Joseph Freed & Associates was developing a couple of interesting projects in Ann Arbor. Ashley Terrace, part of the redevelopment of the west side of downtown at Ashley and Huron: http://www.josephfreed.com/property_detail...te=Michigan&t=1 Also, Glen Ann Place, across from Angelo's at (amazingly enough) Glen and Ann: http://www.josephfreed.com/property_detail...te=Michigan&t=1 Any updates on these projects or if construction has began, some pics would be greatly appreciated. I realize this is a tall order but if anyone has the time...
  13. The current Ann Arbor Amtrak station. They just don't make 'em like they used to.
  14. Del Rio closed Dec 31, 2003. They ran into problems because the bar had a weird cooperative managment strategy and they were giving away too many meals and drinks. The whole group of managers got fired and a bunch of employees quit and even picketed outside in protest. The bar eventually closed and I think that space might still be vacant.
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