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Ann Arbor Photo of the Day


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^ And when I return, hahaha


Oh, but I'm in Pittsfield Township. OK, so if the students invade that's fine. I'll just sign an enlistment with Eastern Michigan, and "go with the flow". The "kiddies" in their early 20s will just have to get used to an old fogie who's over 40....


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Rackham Hall Study Room


Rackham Hall, designed by Albert Kahn, is used by students in the graduate school. It contains primarily auditoriums and study rooms. Nearly every room in the building has the same attention to detail, making it one of my most favorite Albert Kahn buildings.

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Anyone can go in that building. It's technically for graduate students, and even I have felt out of place walking through its hall. I always used to love going up to the top and sitting out on the roof of the building to study. When they too many people were doing this, they locked the doors because it was a safety issue. :(

Nearly every building on campus is open to the public to walk through. The libraries may be used by anyone and the Student Unions were not only funded by the university, but also the city. So the food courts and ammenities are available to everyone.

I'm lazy, so I'm going to post pics of my dorm room and the view outside. I've been so busy, I haven't had the time to upload pics of the city to my computer, so this will have to do right now

The View:




Here is the room I'll never get to enjoy since my life will be up at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning.



Poorly done panoramic.

I know Aaron here is probably laughing since the room looks EXACTLY the same as last year, but since I will hardly be living in this overpriced closet, I could care less :wacko:

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I found another picture, now I got a few days covered

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.


This is also Wolverine's future home for the duration of his college career.

Located on Washtenaw Ave and South U, the house sits on an angle high atop the hill where the Chauncey Millen estate once stood. That house was razed and the one above was constructed in 1903 by notable architect Albert Kahn. In the 1970's a fire destroyed the top two floors. Although the reconstruction varied from the original, the lower floors still retain the original woodwork from when the house was built.

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The views are awesome up in Burton Tower.  Unfortunately, a suicide fence was installed with dense meshwork, making it difficult for photography.  The tower is unlocked at all times, just take the elevators to the top.  You can even go up when they are playing the bells.  I think they lock the top part late at night though.  Lurie tower always seems to be locked.  I have no idea why.


i remember when the lady jumped from the tower. somehow blood got splattered on the side of the building (closer to the top. perhaps she scraped the sides?). they sandblasted it off. ahh, the memories of sitting on the grass there drinking beer out of a burger king cup. sometimes i wish i was 17 again!

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For some reason, they've been locking up the stadium earlier, before it gets to the evening. I think on weekdays it closes at 4 pm. I suppose if you hung around for awhile inside, then you could get the pics of the skyline. Or else after a game, but I hate to wade through all those unruley freshmen up in the nose-bleed seats.

Nice picture Arron.

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