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Ann Arbor Photo of the Day


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I wish that was in Detroit.


Haha, I think a lot of the Ann Arbor residents wish that it was in Detroit too ;) But the decision to put the building there caused probably at least as much groaning as it did cheering. I recall the Daily wrote something to the effect that "The Life Sciences Building will be built on the last open area on campus" and most people I talked to didn't even realize that the area was considered open because it was so small already. Anyway, nice pic wolverine!

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The Ashley Mews building was finished about 3 years ago. The floors in the brick part are all offices. The top two floors are for lofts. All I know is that the units are REALLY REALLY expensive. The townhouses just barely visible to the right also owned by the company go for $600,000 per unit.

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Believe it or not, there are specific reasons. For one thing, Ann Arbor has VERY STRICT building codes. Developers have to go through an extensive process of getting approval down to the type of brick they use. In fact, brick selection took 3 months on one building to get approval! Second of all, there is more money. Building in Detroit is still a bit risky, so usually businesses and corporations don't go all out on creating masterpiece buildings. Finally, there are just higher standards in general. Although Detroit has a deeper history than Ann Arbor, Detroit's urban landscape is so torn up and mutliated, that developers feel they can be more liberal in how their buildings look. In Ann Arbor, developers have tough standards with all the historical buildings around, their building must make a statement too, yet be sensitive to its surroundings.

Most of this is just through my observations, so there could be different reasons, but it's the general consensus around here with other people I have discussed this matter with. I would say the building codes are the underlying Fact why Ann Arbor has consistently shown better architecture in new buildings than Detroit. That's if, you think A2's new buildings are better.

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Thanks Allan, it was a great evening that night for taking pictures. I'm going to be so busy this week, that I'm going to post pictures that will cover well into next week. Most of the downtown pics are in the Washington street area. Next week, I will post more of the downtown and eventually the U of M campus.


Corner of Ashley and Washington


5th and Washington


Main Street


Ashley Street


Schwaben Building


Outdoor dining on Washington


Ashley Mews RE and properties on Main


Arthur Hill Auditorium


University of Michigan clock tower

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