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I can see that it looks like that on those Washington Street photos, but downtown wasn't dead. Given I don't know what it is like in the school year, but the evening I was there main street between Washington and William was packed with people!

I'll post more pictures later. I don't want to flood the thread.

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The top one is nice. I think it's the first one anyone has taken showing an idea of how 4Eleven lofts will look massing-wise among its neighbors, although it appears theres a few more floors to go.

It actually looks kind of dead around town. I guess because I'm always there, August-April and never during the summer when thirty something thousand less people are around.

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Okay, I wanted to post these pictures of the 411 Lofts in the proper thread, but I looked through the last two years of threads and couldn't find the right one. So if a moderator wants to move these pictures be my guest.



Also when I was there I could see these cranes:


but I didn't walk down far enough to see what they were for.

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Go ahead and post them anywhere! We really don't have an official thread, rather a new thread every time someone gets a bunch of photos together lol.

The cranes you saw down the street were for North Quad: The original version of the design was a generic modern pile of crap. They hired RAM Sterm to do it right

More on that building here: http://www.plantext.bf.umich.edu/projects/...uad/design.html

A construction photo:


Next time you visit, walk to the State and South U business districts near the University. They are just (if not more) intensive in business and stuff to do. I think you'd really like them.

Right now, I think the city is really trying enliven Washington Ave. It's always been a bit of a quiet street, but the activity from both downtown and State Street is starting to creep towards each other. I think once McKinley puts in some solid ground floor retail at the back of the building, we'll begin to see some more life. I'd also like to see a couple of those ugly modern apartment buildings demolished for something more interesting.

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Thanks Wolverine! I just now saw your post but yesterday was so nice when I woke up I got in my car and went back to Ann Arbor. The first place I ended up was in an area called Kerrytown (I think?). I found it by complete accident and proceeded to spend too much money. I ended up covering a lot of the areas I didn't get to see last time like a large part of UofM's central campus, including that North Quad project. I also walked the State street area, but I think I missed that south campus business district you mentioned. Even though I spent all day there I still didn't make it to every area I wanted to. I'd get to intersections and want to go all three ways but had to make choices!

I took a lot more pictures but don't expect them too soon. I still have pictures I took on the fourth of July I haven't been able to edit and upload yet!

For now some more from my original trip.

I went inside on my trip yesterday:


Here are all the people that others had mentioned were missing from my last pictures:




This place looked interesting. A friend told me that it was an office supply store when she lived in Ann Arbor:


I also liked the flag they have on the backside of the building:



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Michigan Stadium in today's game between the Wolverines and Miami Ohio attended by 106,500 screaming fans. This is the 200th consecutive home game with over 100,000 in attendance. Michigan took down Miami Ohio 16 - 6. The game was a blast to watch. But the roaring chant "Go Blue!!" from 100,000+ fans is unforgettable.


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Nice shot, Tamias. I live about a mile from the stadium, and even without the TV or radio on, I can always tell how the team's doing just by the volume of the yells. When the "Go BLUE!!!" chants get going, you can hear it clear as day :)

I can't wait to see how the construction on the stadium turns out. It looks great from Main right now, and the view from the parking lot side is really imposing. I think it's just going to make opposing teams that much more nervous when they first come in!

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